Transcribe the title proper from the masthead of the first or earliest issue available in field 245 subfield $a, as discussed in CCM Module 6.

Mottos, related titles, or statements of geographic or other intended audience may appear with the title in the masthead, but these statements are generally not considered to be part of the title and are not transcribed in subfield $b of the 245 field.  If an issuing body appears with the title on the chief source, include the statement in subfield $b according to AACR2 12.1E1.  If the information in the masthead is considered significant, it may be recorded in a 500 note (Figure 33.3).

130 0# $a Dover enquirer (Dover, N.H. : 1830)

260 ## $a Dover, N.H. : $b George W. Ela

500 ## $a "The Times” and “American Democrat" appear within the title ornament, Jan. 5, 1830-Jan. 16, 1849.

780 00 $t Times & Dover enquirer $w (DLC)sn 84023053

If wording or order of the title cannot be determined from the masthead, look to other areas in the issue, such as the publisher's statement or the running title, to suggest wording or order (Figure 33.4.).  Provide varying forms of access in 246 fields.  (See also CCM 33.6.1.)

130 0# $a San Jose weekly Mercury (San Jose, Calif. : 1869)

245 10 $a San Jose weekly Mercury.

246 3# $a San Jose Mercury

246 13 $a Weekly Mercury

362 0# $a Vol. 17, no. 12 (July 29, 1869)-

500 ## $a The word "weekly" appears over the masthead ornament.

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