The title of a serial is recorded in "area 1" of the description--the "title and statement of responsibility area."  The MARC 21 terminology, as given in the CEG, is "title statement."  For the sake of brevity, this area will be referred to as the "title statement."

The entire title statement is input in field 245 .  It always includes the title proper ($a), and may also include other title information and parallel titles ($b), and a statement of responsibility ($c).  The title proper, itself, may consist of a common title ($a) and the title of a section or part ($p), and in some cases, the designation of the section or part ($n).  Some older serials have an alternative title (included in $a).  Title statements for microform, electronic, and other non-print serials include the general material designation (GMD) ($h).


Anatomy of the title statement




This module will discuss

The elements of the title statement and the sources from which they are recorded

The selection of the title proper

The construction of the title proper when it consists of a common title and a section title

Types of other title information and situations in which they are recorded

When and how to record parallel titles

The identification and recording of the statement of responsibility

How to combine various elements of the title statement

Changes to elements of the title statement other than the title proper (for changes in the title proper, see Module 16)



Title proper:  1.1-1.1B10, 12.1B1-12.1B7

Parallel titles:  1.1D1-1.1D4, 12.1D1-12.1D3

Other title information:  1.1E1-1.1E6, 12.1E1, 12.1E2

Statement of responsibility:  1.1F1-1.1F15, 12.1F1-12.1F5

Appendix A


Field 245


Module 3.  Chief Source and Other Sources of Information

Module 7.  Variant Titles and Title Added Entries

Module 13.  Notes

Module 16.  Changes that May Require a New Record

Definitions of terms used in this module

Alternative title:  The second part of a title proper that consists of two parts, each of which is a title; the parts are joined by or or its equivalent in another language (e.g., The tempest, or The enchanted island).  (AACR2)

Common title:  A title common to two or more works, each of which carries the title and/or designation of a section.  (CCM)

General material designation:  A term indicating the broad class of material to which an item belongs (e.g., sound recording).  (AACR2)

Other title information:  A title borne by an item other than the title proper or parallel or series title(s); also any phrase appearing in conjunction with the title proper, etc., indicative of the character, contents, etc. of the item or the motives for, or occasion of, its production or publication.  The term includes subtitles, avant-titres, etc., but does not include variations on the title proper (e.g., spine titles, sleeve titles).  (AACR2)

Parallel title:  The title proper in another language and/or script.  (AACR2)

Section:  A separately published part of a bibliographic resource, usually representing a particular subject category within the larger resource and identified by a designation that may be a topic, or an alphabetic or numeric designation, or a combination of these.  (AACR2)

Series:  A group of separate items related to one another by the fact that each item bears, in addition to its own title proper, a collective title applying to the group as a whole.  The individual items may or may not be numbered.  (AACR2)

Statement of responsibility:  A statement, transcribed from the item being described, relating to persons responsible for the intellectual or artistic content of the item, to corporate bodies from which the content emanates, or to persons or corporate bodies responsible for the performance of the content of the item.  (AACR2)

Subseries:  A series within a series (i.e., a series that always appears in conjunction with another, usually more comprehensive, series of which it forms a section).  Its title may or may not be dependent on the title of the main series.  See also Section.  (AACR2)

Subtitle:  The explanatory part of the title following the main title.  (American Library Association. Committee on Library Terms. A.L.A. Glossary Library Terms.  Chicago : ALA, 1943)

Supplied title:  A title provided by the cataloguer for an item that has no title proper on the chief source of information or its substitute.  It may be taken from elsewhere in the item itself or from a reference source, or it may be composed by the cataloguer.  (AACR2)

Title:  A word, phrase, character, or group of characters, normally appearing in an item, that names the item or the work contained in it.  (AACR2)

Title proper:  The chief name of an item, including any alternative title but excluding parallel titles and other title information.  (AACR2)

See also:

Module 6.  Title Statement (Field 245)