Changes in the title proper ($a, $n, $p) may or may not require a new cataloging record and are treated separately in Module 16.  Changes to other elements of the title statement are generally covered by notes (see also Module 13).

6.7.1.  Other title information (AACR2 12.1E2)

A change in other title information does not constitute a major change, i.e., it does not warrant the creation of a new record.  In most cases, such a change is ignored, or a note, Subtitle varies, may be given.  Do not give this note, however, if other title information has not been recorded in the title statement ( 245 $b).  If the change is in the name of the responsible body, see CCM 6.7.3. below.

6.7.2.  Parallel titles (AACR2 12.1D3)

Parallel titles may be added or dropped on later issues, or their order may change.  In other cases the wording of the parallel title may change (AACR2 12.7B5.2).

a.  Added

Do not record in field 245.  Record in a note and added entry ( 246 1#).

245 00 $a Pulpwood and wood residue statistics.

246 1# $i Vols. for 1969- have French title: $a Statistiques de bois à pâte et déchets de bois $g (title varies slightly)

b.  Dropped

If a title that is recorded in field 245 $b is dropped on later issues, give a note such as:

500 ## $a Issues for 1984-<1990> lack French title.

c.  Order changed

If desired, give a note such as:

500 ## $a Order of titles varies.

d.  Change in words

If the change affects only the parallel title, a general or explicit note may be given.  More often a change to a parallel title also reflects a change to the title proper, in which case it must be determined whether a new record is needed.  Give an added entry (246) for changes to parallel titles that are noted explicitly.

General note:

500 ## $a Title varies slightly.  [Both titles vary slightly]

Explicit note:

245 00 $a [English title] = $b [French title]

246 1# $i Issues for 1987- give French title as: $a [variant French title]

246 31 $a [French title]

6.7.3.  Statement of responsibility (AACR2 12.1F5)

If the corporate body given in the statement of responsibility changes its name or is replaced by another body and the serial has not been entered under the body or under a uniform title qualified by the body, record the new body in an issuing bodies note (field 550 ).  See Module 13.

See also:

Module 6.  Title Statement (Field 245)