definition, Appendix C

n.d., use of, 2H5

see also No date

Nature, scope, or form of material

notes on, 5B14


definition, Appendix C

description of base, 3C2.2

dimensions, 3D2.2, 3D3.5

other physical details, 3C2.2

specific material designation, 3B5

Nitrate film base

physical description area, 3C2.2

No date (n.d.)

definition, Appendix C

see also n.d.


accession number and year, 5B26

continuation of title, 5B4

definition, Appendix C

form of, 5A3

formal notes, 5A3

informal notes, 5A3

on access, 5B24.1

on accompanying material, 5B10

on addition to collection, 5B22

on anonymous source, 5B26

on arrangement of collection, 5B14, 5B16-5B18

on attribution, 5B7.2

on biography or history of creator or collector, 5B15

on blind stamp, 5B9.6

on collector, 5B25

on conjecture, 5B7.2

on container, 5B9.1

on contents of collection, 5B14, 5B17, 5B18

on copyright status and holder, 5B24.2

on creator of work after whom item being cataloged was made, 5B7.3

on donor, 5B26

on edition, 5B8.2

on finding aid, 5B18

on hallmark, 5B9.6

on inscription, 5B7.1, 5B9.5

on item that is or was part of a publication, 5B8.3

on language of accompanying material or captions, 5B14

on markings, 5B9.6

on modern copy of older photographic print, 5B9.2

on monogram, 5B7.1

on motto, 5B6

on numerical designations, 5B19

on parallel title and other title information, 5B3

on photographic copy, 5B13

on photomechanical print, 5B13

on physical condition, 5B9.1

on physical description, 5B9

on provenance, 5B25

on publication, distribution, etc., 5B8

on relationship to larger unit or collection, 5B21

on remarque, 5B9.6

on reproductive print, 5B7.3

on responsibility, 5B7

on restrictions on access, use, or reproduction, 5B24.1

on series, 5B11

on signature, 5B7.1

on source, 5B26

on stamp, 5B9.6

on state and edition, 5B8.2

on studio imprint, 5B9.6

on subsequent publication, 5B20

on title proper, 5B1

on trademark, 5B9.6

on unknown source, 5B26

on variations in title, 5B2

on variations in place or publisher, distributor, etc., 5B8.1

on watermark, 5B9.6

order of, 5B

picture caption, 5B6

punctuation of, 5A1-5A3, 5B17

quotations in, 5A2

references, 5A3

references to published description, 5B12, 5B18

subject description, 5B14

summary of contents, 5B14

translation of foreign title, 5B5

"with" note, 5B23

Number borne by item other than series designation

notes on, 5B19

Number of items, see Extent, statement of


within series, 4D

within subseries, 4E

Numeric and/or alphabetic, chronological, or other designation

as part of title proper, 1A3, 1B1.1

notes on, 5B11

within series, 4D

within subseries, 4E

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