Oeuvre catalogue, see Catalogue raisonné


from transcription, 0C7

in abridged title, 1B1.9

lacunae in source of information, 0C8

of area, 0C6

of data not considered part of any area, 0C9

of element, 0C6

of non-title data, 1B1.4

punctuation preceding, 0C10


definition, Appendix C

Opening words of text

used as title, 1B1.5

Other title information, 1F

date as part of, 1A3

definition, Appendix C

notes on, 5B3

to supply additional information for collection, 1B2.3, 1F3.3

Oval shape

dimensions, 3D4.2

Owner’s mark

notes on, 5B9.6, 5B25

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