Cabinet card

dimensions, 3D3.4

see also Secondary support

Capitalization, Appendix A (AACR 2)

schematic illustration of, 0D


as source of information, 0B1

Cartes de visite

dimensions, 3D3.4

see also Secondary support


definition, Appendix C

Catalogue raisonné

as source of information, 0B1.1(b)

definition, Appendix C

note area, 5B12

Change of name

place of publication, 2C6

publisher, 2D5

Chief source of information

definition, Appendix C

for rules see Sources of information

Circular shape

dimensions, 3D4.1

Citations, bibliographic, see Bibliographic citations

Cities, towns, etc.

included in statement of responsibility, 1G9


accompanying material, 0A(b)

as source of information, 0B1

see also Accompanying material


definition, Appendix C

specific material designation, 3B5


addition of material to, 3B2, 5B22

arrangement of, 5B14, 5B16

chief source of information for, 0B1.2

contents, 5B17

definition, Appendix C

devising title for, 1C

dimensions, 3D9, 3F

insufficiently descriptive title for, 1B2.3

multiple categories of material, 3F

recording title proper, 1B2.1

series title, 1B2.2

statement of extent, 3B1, 3F

subject description, 5B14


notes on, 5B25


notes on, 5B9.4

other physical details, 3C4

Coloring, hand, see Color

Condition, see Physical condition

Conjecture, Introduction, paragraph 6

interpolation of, 0J1

notes on, 5B7.2

see also Attribution; Probable date of execution; Probable date of publication, distribution, etc.; Probable place of publication, distribution, etc.


as source of information, 0B1

definition, Appendix C

notes on, 5B9.1

statement of extent, 3B1(c)


specific listing of, 5B17

summary of, 5B14

Copyright date, 2F4, 2H2

Copyright status

notes on, 5B24.2

Corporate body

definition, Appendix C

Corrections, see Errors

Country, state, etc.

added to place of publication, distribution, etc., 2C2, 2C3

Creator of work after whom item being cataloged was made

notes on, 5B7.3

see also Reproductive print

Cubic feet or meters

statement of extent, 3B1(d)

See also:

Index to Graphic Materials