AACR 2, see Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules

Abbreviations, Appendix B; Appendix B (AACR 2)

general rules, 0H, 0J2

title, 1B1.10

publication, distribution, etc., area, 2C4, 2F4, 2H4

physical description area, 3B1(b), 3C4.1, 3D2.2


title proper, 1B1.9


adding ones not in source of information, 0G1

Access points

choice and form, Introduction, paragraph 13

definition, Appendix C

note area, 5 (footnote 1)

Access, restrictions on

notes on, 5B24.1


definition, Appendix C

Accession number

note area, 5B26

Accession record

as source of information, 0B1.1(c)

Accession, year(s) of, see Date, accession

Accompanying material

as source of information, 0B

definition, Appendix C

general rules, 0A(b), 0B

notes on, 5B10

recording of, 3E, 5B10

Acronyms, 0H2

Added entry

definition, Appendix C

Addition to already cataloged collection

physical description area, 3B2

notes on, 5B22

Address of publisher, distributor, etc., 2D3, 2D6


as source of information, 0B1.1(c)

Album, see Container

Alphabetic designation, see Numeric and/or alphabetic, chronological, or other designation

Alternative titles

definition, Appendix C

Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules

for description of published volumes and portfolios, 0A

for form and choice of access points, Introduction, paragraph 13

history of, Preface, paragraph 1

relationship to graphics rules, Introduction, paragraph 4

Anonymous source

notes on, 5B26

Approximate dates, 2F5.1, 2H4, Appendix A

Arabic numerals

statement of extent, 3B1

substitution for roman numerals, 2F1

Areas of description

definition, Appendix C

language and script, 0E1

omission of, 0C6

prescribed sources for, 0B2

see also Elements of description; Note area; Physical description area; Publication, distribution, etc., area; Series area; Title and statement of responsibility area

Arrangement of material in collections

notes on, 5B14, 5B16, 5B17, 5B18

Attribution, Introduction, paragraph 8

definition, Appendix C

notes on, 5B7.2

statement of responsibility, 1G6

Auction catalog

as source of information, 0B1.1(b)

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