description of case, 5B9.1

dimensions, 3D7, 3D8

Dash, use of

beginning of title, 1A1.2

prescribed punctuation, 0C1

note area, 5A3

transcription of, 0C5


accession, 5B26

as part of other title information, 1A3, 2H3

as part of place or publisher statement, 2F2

as part of title proper, 1A3, 2H3

as roman numeral, 2F1

bulk, see Bulk dates

copyright, 2F4, 2H2

execution of unpublished material, 2H

fictitious or incorrect, 2F3

inclusive, see Span dates

manufacture, 2F4, 2G

multiple (execution and printing), 2H2.1

printing, 2G

publication, distribution, etc., 2F

Dealer’s catalog

as source of information, 0B1.1(b)


definition, Appendix C

Depository, see Repository

Detail, levels of, see Levels of description


definition, Appendix C

notes on, 5B7.2

publication, distribution, etc., area, 2D7

statement of responsibility, 1G7

Devising titles, 1C

Diacritical mark

adding one not in source of information, 0G1

Diameter measurement, 3D4.1

Dimensions, 3D-3F

Distribution area, see Publication, distribution, etc., area

Distribution date, see Date


added in square brackets to name of publisher, distributor, etc., 2E

definition, Appendix C


notes on, 5B25, 5B26


definition, Appendix C

dimensions, 3D3.1

specific material designation, 3B5

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