use of, 2F5.2

see also Sine datum


use of, 2C12

see also Sine loco

SMD, see Specific material designation


use of, 2D9

see also Sine nomine

Scope, nature, or form of material

notes on, 5B14

Scope of the rules, Introduction, paragraph 4, Introduction, paragraph 9, 0A

Script, see Language and script

Second level of description, 0D2

Secondary support, 3B6.4

definition, Appendix C

dimensions, 3D3.4

Semicolon, use of, see Punctuation of description


definition, Appendix C

notes on, 5B11

physical description area, 3B3

publication, distribution, etc., area, 2C6, 2D5

Series area, 4

Series designations, nonnumerical, 4D2

notes on, 5B11

Series numbers, 4D1


use of, 0F1

Sight measurements, 3D7.1


definition, Appendix C

notes on, 5B7.1

Sine datum

definition, Appendix C

see also s.d.

Sine loco

definition, Appendix C

see also s.l.

Sine nomine

definition, Appendix C

see also s.n.

Size, see Dimensions


definition, Appendix C

dimensions, 3D2.2

other physical details, 3C2.3

specific material designation, 3B5

Source of material being cataloged

notes on, 5B26

Sources of information

different from sources for book cataloging, Introduction, paragraph 6

general rules, 0B

note area, 5A2

notes on, 5B1, 5B2

physical description area, 3A3

publication, distribution, etc., area, 2A3

series area, 4A3

title and statement of responsibility area, 1A2

Span dates

definition, Appendix C

recording, 2F1, 2F5.1, 2F6

Specific material designation

definition, Appendix C

for rules see Extent, statement of


added in square brackets to name of publisher, distributor, etc., 2E

definition, Appendix C

statement of responsibility, 2B3

Square brackets, use of

correction of inaccuracy, 0F1

in description (general rules), 0B2, 0C11, 0E2, 0F1, 0J

for abbreviated titles, 1B1.10

note area, 5A2

publication, distribution, etc.,area, 2C2-2C4, 2C7-2C10, 2C12, 2D4, 2D6, 2D8, 2D9, 2E, 2F2, 2F3

statement of responsibility, 1G6-1G8, 1G10

title for single item, 1B1.12

transcription of, 0C5

State or edition

notes on, 5B8.2

Statement of responsibility, 1G

definition, Appendix C

notes on, 5B7


specifying whole or half, 3C2.4

Studio imprint

notes on, 5B9.6

statement of responsibility, 1G9

Subject description, 5B14

Subsequent publication

notes on, 5B20

Subseries, 4E

definition, Appendix C


definition, Appendix C

Summary of contents of collection, see Subject description

Support, primary, see Primary support

Support, secondary, see Secondary support

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