Grand shooting match! : a grand, tremendous, terrible ... shooting match will take place at old Tom Hackett’s in Bedford, N.H., on ... Oct. 17th, 1867 ... -- Bedford Centre, New Hampshire : From the Gospel Banner Press, [1867]

1 print : woodcut, with text in letterpress ; sheet 56 x 35 cm.

Picture caption: A shot in the locker.

In Rare Book and Special Collections Division ( Broadside Collection, Portfolio 94-16)

Grand:  The beginning (and in this case, the most prominent) words of the item are transcribed as the title proper (1B1.5).

match!:  The exclamation mark is recorded even though it precedes the mark of omission (0C10).

terrible ... shooting:  Other title information is abridged to eliminate unessential words (1F2).

Bedford Centre:  The name of the publisher is transcribed with associated words appearing on the item (2D1).

[1867]:  The date, an integral part of the title, is repeated as the date element in the publication, distribution, etc., area, and enclosed in square brackets (2F2).

Broadside Collection, Portfolio 94-16:  This item has been cataloged for its pictorial interest.  It might also have been cataloged as a single sheet publication according to the provisions in Bibliographic Description of Rare Books.

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