Congress playing cards : crisp, flexible, luster finish, new designs : sold by dealers / The U.S. Playing Card Co. -- [S.l.] : The U.S. Playing Card Co., c1900 ( Cincinnati, U.S.A. : The U.S. Printing Co.)

1 print (3 sheets) : lithograph, color ; 221 x 107 cm.

Motto above title: Good cards make card games enjoyable.

Subject: Advertising poster, illustrated with two couples playing cards.

Copyright deposit of The U.S. Printing Co.

Congress playing cards:  The most prominent words on the item are transcribed as the title proper, omitting text that actually appears before it, i.e., the motto (1A2, 1B1.4).

The U.S. Playing Card Co.:  The U.S. Playing Card Co., the sponsor-advertiser of this poster, is recorded both in the statement of responsibility and the publisher statement to reflect its dual role (2B3).

[S.l.]:  The place of publication is unknown, although the place of printing is known (2C12, 2G).

Cincinnati, U.S.A.:  The place of publication and its larger jurisdiction are transcribed as they appear on the item (2C1).

(3 sheets):  Multiple sheets compose the item (3B6.2), and only the outside measurements are given (3D3.2).

Motto:  The motto is recorded to reflect the item’s layout and to help identify the particular item (5B6).

The U.S. Printing Co.:  For the historical record, the copyright holder’s name is given, even though the item is no longer under copyright (5B24.2).

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