The illustration of the Siberian War. -- Tokyo : Shobido & Co., 1919.

17 prints : lithograph, color ; 40 x 55 cm.

Subject: Series of prints, numbered 1-17, showing Japanese expeditionary force sent to Siberia in 1918, landing and in battle.

Partial contents: No. 1. The landing of the Japanese army, welcomed by every nation, at Vladivostok -- No. 4. The Japanese army defeated the German-Austrian army near Usri, Siberia -- No. 5. The first battle near Manturia. The Japanese soldiers defeated the enemys cavarly [sic] -- No. 7. The Japanese cavarly taking possession of Khobarovsk, pursueing and attacking the enemies [sic] -- No. 14. Our cavalrys cocupied Khabarovsk, and march-past took place in front at the enemys gan-boats [sic] -- No. 17. Our army attacks from sky, water and shore, and requlsed [sic] enemy of Siberia.

Source unknown.

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Single item from the collection described above:

The Battle of Usri [i.e. Ussuri], Siberia : Captain Konomi died in the battle, fighting. -- Tokyo : Shobido & Co., [1919]

1 print : lithograph, color ; image 36 x 52 cm., on sheet 39 x 55 cm. -- ( The illustration of the Siberian War ; no. 3)

Title is same as no. 13 in the series, but different image.

Subject: Raging battle scene. Soldiers charging with bayonets; cannons, explosions; airplanes overhead. Captain Konomi commanding in midst of fighting.

In Lot 8223.

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