Sometimes a personal name heading being created will conflict with or normalize to match another heading in the LC/NAF.  (See DCM Z1, Introduction, for more information and examples.)  In those cases, modify the existing authority record to represent more than one person with the same name in the form of undifferentiated personal name authority record.


1.   If the heading being created will exactly match or normalize to exactly match another heading in the LC/NAF, examine the record to see if it is for a differentiated personal name (Differentiated personal name fixed field 008/32 = a) or for an undifferentiated personal name (Undifferentiated personal name fixed field 008/32 = b).  If it is the latter, skip to section 4 below.

2.    If the authority record is for a differentiated personal name, try to resolve the conflict for either the heading being created or the heading already in the LC/NAF.  (See AACR2 22.17-19 and consult appropriate reference sources to do so.)

3.   If the conflict cannot be resolved, it will be necessary to change the existing LC/NAF record into a heading for an undifferentiated personal name per AACR2 22.20 and DCM Section Z1.

A.   Change the Undifferentiated personal name fixed field to b.

B.   For each person represented by the NAR, supply two 670 citations for the name on the work-in-hand.  The first, enclosed in brackets, will supply the title of the work cataloged and the person's relationship to that work.  The second will be a standard 670 note.


670 ## $a [Author of A history of witchcraft]

670 ## $a A history of witchcraft, 1981: $b t.p. (Jean Mason)

C.   List the reference sources consulted in trying to break the conflict in a 675 (Sources Not Found) field as appropriate.

D.   Add a bracketed 670 field for the first person already listed in the authority record, per step 3.B. above.  This will be the first 670 field for that person.

4.   If the LC/NAF record being changed is already coded as an undifferentiated personal name (Undifferentiated personal name fixed field 008/32 = b), add the citations to the record, following steps 3.B-C above.


100 1# $a Stewart, John

670 ## $a [Editor of The Best of Tracks]

670 ## $a The Best of Tracks, 1975 (a.e.) $b cover (John Stewart, editor)

670 ## $a [Author of Of no fixed abode]

670 ## $a Of no fixed abode, 1975: $b t.p. (John Stewart) jkt. (lecturer in soc. admin., Univ. of Lancaster)

670 ## $a [Author of Ulster D.V.]

670 ## $a Ulster D.V., 1972: $b t.p. (John Stewart) introd. (former missionary; pastor, Woodvale Meth. Church, Belfast)

670 ## $a [Subject of The missionary power]

670 ## $a The missionary power, 1827 (subj.) $b t.p. (John Stewart)

670 ## $a [Editor of Made for television]

670 ## $a Made for television, 1985: $b t.p. (John Stewart) p. iv (Television access officer at the British Film Institute)

675 ## $a WW Aus, 1975; $a Allibone; $a Lanman, C. Biog. annals of civil govt. of U.S., 1876; $a Hough; $a Drake; $a WwasW in Amer., 1607-1968; $a Academic WW, 1973-74; $a Commonwealth univ. yrbk., 1974; $a WW, 1970, 75

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