U (letter of alphabet), Appendix G4.1

transcription of, 0G2.2, Appendix G4.2

Umlaut, Appendix G2

Uncertain information

dates of publication, distribution, etc., 4D4, 4D6.2

patterns for supplying conjectural dates, 4D5

place of publication, distribution, etc., 4B12.2

publishers, distributors, etc., 4C8

use of question mark, 0G6.2

use of square brackets for contractions, 0G6.2

See also Fictitious or incorrect information

Uniform titles, Appendix B4 (240), Appendix C3 (240)

"With" notes and, 7B18.2

Unnumbered sequences, pagination of, 5B3

Unnumbered series, 6H2

Use, restrictions on, See Access, restrictions on

User requirements, III.1

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