"A" classification

see Class A

"A" Cutters

Periodicals: F 220


Filing rules: F 60

Abridgments of individual works: F 475


Collections: F 480

Accounts of travels: F 275

Addenda (Supplementary works): F 720

Addresses, essays, lectures: F 300

Collected essays of individual literary authors: F 633


Ethnic group: F 587

Alphabet books: F 615

Alternate classification numbers

Analytics in collected sets: F 130

Bibliography: F 150

Bound-with books: F 520

Library of Congress publications: F 620

Upside-down books: F 520

Analytics in collected sets

Alternate numbers: F 130

Anchor points

Classification proposals: F 50

Annotated bibliography: F 480

Appendices (Supplementary works): F 720


Historic buildings: F 595


Government officials: F 605

Archival inventories: F 495

Government officials: F 605

Arrangement of topics within disciplines: F 195

Art, Folk: F 590

Articles, Initial

see Initial articles


Study and teaching: F 730

Australian aborigines: F 587

Authors, Literary

see Literary authors, Individual

Autobiography: F 275

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