"L" classification

see Class L

LC publications

see Library of Congress publications

Language, English

Study and teaching: F 730

Lectures: F 300

Legends: F 590

Juvenile legends: F 590


Archives: F 605

Biography: F 605

Speeches: F 605

Legislative hearings: F 618

Legislative reports: F 618

Library of Congress publication: F 620

Library resources: F 630

Literary author numbers

Filing rules: F 60

Printing in the P schedules: F 632

Literary authors, Individual: F 632

Authors entered under more than one name: F 632

Authors writing in more than one language: F 632

Collected essays: F 633

Collected fiction: F 633

Collected work: F 633

Folk literature-like works: F 590

Name changes: F 632

Non-literary works: F 632

Providing subarrangement information to shelflister: F 633

Selected works: F 633

Selections: F 633

Separate works: F 633

Subarrangement of works: F 633

Tables: F 633

Translations: F 633

Literary collections: F 634

Literary criticism

Authors writing in more than one language: F 632

Literary works

Subarrangement: F 633

Literature, Folk: F 590

Native peoples: F 590

Local court records: F 635

Local history

Individual biography: F 275


Folk songs: F 590

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