When a single individual is identified as the subject of the work, such as home movies, use the name in direct order, followed by the appropriate form term.  For home movies, generally use the name of the person whose family, friends and/or personal experiences are the subject of the material.  For amateur works, see 1F1.5.

245 00 $a [Rosa Ponselle--screen tests].

245 00 $a [Theodore Roosevelt, 1905 inaugural ceremony-- speeches].

245 00 $a [James Cagney, ca. 1965--interviews].

245 00 $a [Robert A. Taft, Sr.--home movies].

245 00 $a [Family camping trip in the Canadian Rockies--Eugene and Agnes Meyer--home movies].

500 ## $a First part of title from donor inventory. $5 DLC (Use institution’s local code.)

245 00 $a [Headwaters Farm--Harold Ickes--home movies].

500 ## $a The title Headwaters farm appears on the work. $5 DLC (Use institution’s local code.)

245 00 $a [New York, Paris, and European scenes--Ralph Barton-- home movies].
(Descriptive phrase used as first part of title.)

See also:

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