For trailers, use only the credits pertaining to the trailer.  Credits appearing on a trailer are usually for the feature of the same title.  Do not use any credits appearing on a trailer unless it has been verified that these credits are specifically for the trailer.  Use the production company, if known.  However, since the company appearing on a trailer is usually the distribution/releasing company for the film and not the production company for the trailer, generally use the phrase "production company unknown" in brackets in the statement of responsibility.  Visual or audio identification of cast members or participants is acceptable as long as they appear in the trailer.  They should be recorded in a separate participants or performers note.  See 7B6.  See also 1F1.1.

245 05 $a [The Beverly hillbillies--trailers] / $c [production company unknown].

511 1# $a Cloris Leachman, Lily Tomlin, Dabney Coleman.

500 ## $a Cast credits from visual recognition.

See also:

1G5.  Compilations, amateur footage of public events, home movies, trailers, etc.

1G.  Statement of responsibility

1.  Title and Statement of Responsibility Area