If the work being cataloged is dependent upon and identified by its relationship to a titled work, use the title proper of the titled work as the first part of the supplied title, followed by an appropriate form term.

Catalog trailers, outtakes, clips, excerpts, etc., as separate works even when attached to another work, except when they are being considered as part of a version.  See 1A3.  For versions see Chapter 2.

245 00 $a [Hill Street blues--promos].

245 00 $a [Robin Hood and the golden arrow--outtakes].

245 00 $a [Getting acquainted with bees--trims].

245 05 $a [The cecropia moth--excerpts].

245 00 $a [Robin Hood, men in tights--audio-visual press kits].

245 00 $a [Chariots of fire--trailers].

245 05 $a [The Ed Sullivan show. $n 1964-02-16--rehearsals].

When an excerpt of a television program has been given a separate title, but remains unpublished in this form, construct the title as an excerpt.  Include the title in an explanatory note.

245 00 $a [20/20. $n 1991-06-14--excerpts].
(On accompanying paperwork, this excerpt is titled 20/20. Killer fat; however, research indicates that it was never aired separately from the original broadcast.)

When excerpts of edited news are from the same newsreel company or television network or station, but the volume and/or issue dates are different, construct the title as an excerpt.  If the archive holds multiple excerpts on more than one unit, each one should be cataloged separately and distinguished from the others by a number assigned by the archive following the word "excerpts."

245 00 $a [Kinograms--excerpts].

245 00 $a [Pathé news--excerpts. $n No. 6].

245 00 $a [ABC news--excerpts. $n No. 5].

For instructions on describing complete newsreel issues, see 1B1.3.  For instructions on describing complete television newscasts, see 1B1.1.5.  For instructions on describing edited news from different newsreel companies, television networks, or television stations, see 1F1.2.

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