Create a uniform title for a remote access serial, according to LCRI 25.5B , when one or more of the following conditions exists:

1.  Its title matches that of its print (or other physical medium) counterpart:

130 0# $a Emerging infectious diseases (Online)

245 00 $a Emerging infectious diseases $h [electronic resource] : $b EID.

776 1# $t Emerging infectious diseases $x 1080-6040 $w (DLC)  96648093 $w (OCoLC)31848353

2.  Its title matches that of another unrelated serial or series in the database ( FN 2):

130 0# $a Etc. magazine (New York, N.Y.)

245 00 $a Etc. magazine $h [electronic resource].

245 00 $a Etc. magazine.

260 ## $a McAllen, Tex. : …

3.  it is published in various editions (see CCM 31.10):

130 0# $a Academics in the news (National ed.)

245 00 $a Academics in the news $h [electronic resource].

130 0# $a Academics in the news (International ed.)

245 00 $a Academics in the news $h [electronic resource].

4.  It was formerly published in print (or other physical format such as CD-ROM) and changed to online:

130 0# $a Iowa farm statistics for ... (Online)

245 10 $a Iowa farm statistics for ... $h [electronic resource].

780 00 $t Iowa farm statistics for ...

See CCM 5.2.1 for the basic principles of assigning a uniform title.  The principles include the instruction:  Do not go back and add a uniform title to a record that has already been cataloged.  If you are cataloging or editing all of the titles at the same time, however, a uniform title may be created for each.  Sometimes a cataloger has added a uniform title to both the online and print records because both versions were "in hand."  A revision of LCRI 25.5B in 2003 contains the instruction to "generally avoid use of the terms 'print' and 'text' as qualifiers because they are vague and there is not a consensus as to their appropriate use."  The LCRI instructs the cataloger to prefer adding a qualifier to the heading for the physical medium that isn't printed text on paper "(even if that means assigning a qualifier to a heading in an existing record)."  Many CONSER records contain the term print and do not need to be changed or revised.

Since CONSER treats most remote electronic serials as simultaneous editions rather than electronic reproductions, a uniform title qualified by the physical medium is used if the online and print version titles conflict.  According to the LCRI, uniform titles are not assigned to reproductions.  In selecting a qualifier, the term "online" may be sufficient to differentiate from a print or CD-ROM counterpart.  If the print serial has its own uniform title, use that uniform title and add a second qualifier.

130 0# $a Migration news (Davis, Calif.)

130 0# $a Migration news (Davis, Calif. : Online)

Prefer to use the uniform title of the print version as the basis of the uniform title of the online version, even if the place of publication appearing on the online version is different from the place used as part of the qualifier for the print:

Record for the print:

130 0# $a Journal of online publishing (New York, N.Y.)

Record for the e-serial:

130 0# $a Journal of online publishing (New York, N.Y. : Online)

260 ## $a Chicago : $b ...

[The e-serial is actually published in Chicago.]

Do not use the name of the provider as part of the uniform title qualifier.

It is possible that both the online and the print versions will be entered under a corporate body or conference name and a uniform title will be entered in the 240 field:

Print version:

110 1# $a Canada. $b Defence Research and Development Branch.

245 10 $a Annual report / $c Defence Research and Development Branch.

Online version:

110 1# $a Canada. $b Defence Research and Development Branch.

240 10 $a Annual report (Online)

245 00 $a Annual report $h [electronic resource] / $c Defence Research and Development Branch.

See also:

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