Family name (in AACR2 name headings), Headings - General Information, 600

Fixed field display (OCLC, RLIN), Fixed Length Fields - General Information

Forenames (personal name headings), Headings - General Information

Form subheadings (in name headings), Headings - General Information $k

Format integrationFixed Length Fields - General Information

Former title, 247, 547

Frequency, 310/321

Changes, B4.2.3

"Frequency varies", 310/321

FTP of CONSER records

Contributing to database, A3.3.2

Distribution of database, A3.5, A7.1

Full level records

Classification in (policy), B1.3, B6.2.1

Encoding level, Leader/17

Maintaining, B6.3.1

Name headings in (policy), B6.2.1

Policy for creation of, B1.5

Record requirements, B6.2

Subject headings in (policy), B1.3, B6.2.1

Upgrading to, B6.3.2

Full membership (in CONSER), A4.2.1

List of members (chart), previously A1.3, now available from

Statistics and membership requirements, C13.2.1

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