Rare serials, Appendix L

Bibliographic reference note, 510

Descriptive conventions, 040 $e

Institution to which copy specific information applies, Headings - General Information $5

Relator, Headings - General Information $e, 700 $e

Relator code, Headings - General Information $4

Record directory, Fixed Length Fields - General Information

Regularity codes, 008/18-19

Remote access electronic resources

See Electronic resources

Repeatability codes in CEG, D2.4


Dates in fixed field, 008/07-14

Description of, Appendix L

Form of item (reproduction) code, 008/23 (Continuing resources)

Frequency/regularity code, 008/18-19 (Continuing resources)

Country code in fixed field, 008/15-17

Linking entry field, 775

Note, 580

Reproduction, electronic

See Electronic resources, Reproductions

Requirement codes in CEG, D2.5

Retrospective conversion, B5

Encoding level, Leader/17

Review of CONSER records

Continuing, A4.6

New members, A4.5.4, A4.5.5, A4.8.3

Roman numeral (in personal name headings), Headings - General Information $b

Romanized records (in fixed field), 008/38

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