Edition, 250

In linking entry fields, Linking Entry Fields - General Information, 775


Added entries for, 700

"ed." in added entries, Headings - General Information $e, 700 $e

Note, 500

Electronic resources

Additional physical form entry, 776


CD-ROM, coding for, 007 (Electronic resource) $b

Continuing resources, Appendix N

Core record, B6.4.3

"Coverage as of" note, 362

"Date viewed", 500

Electronic location and access, 856

Fixed fields

Fixed Length Fields - General Information

007 (Electronic resource)

Changes to Type of record code, B4.4

Type of Record, Leader/06

Information about documentation, 556

Mode of access note, 538

Online versions of printed serials, B6, Appendix N

See also fields 530, 856

Order of notes, Notes - General Information

Original study number, 036

Physical description, 300

Physical description fixed field, 007 (Electronic resource)

Primary format, Fixed Length Fields - General Information, Appendix N

Remote access, coding for, 007 (Electronic resource) $b

Reproductions, 008/22, 008/23

Serials that do not retain earlier titles, C10.5

System details, 538

System details access to computer, 753

Type of computer file or data note, 516


As nonfiling characters, 245, 440

Encoding level, Leader/17

CONSER participant records, C2.2.1

Core records, B6.1.3, Leader/17, 039, 040

IN PROCESS records (LC), C1.2, 050

Increase in, Leader/05

ISSN Canada records, C1.3.3

LAC records, C1.3

LC-authenticated records, changes to, C3

LC minimal level records, C1.2.1

NSDP and prepublication records, C1.2.3

Partial records (LC), C1.2, 050

Retrospective conversion, B5

Entry convention, 008/34 (Continuing resources), C10

Examples in CEG, D3.4

See also: