Unauthenticated records, A3.4

Consolidation, C8.2.3

Distribution, A3.5

First time authentication of, B3.2

Separation of records, C8.3.3

Uniform titles (and uniform title headings), 130, 240

Added entry, 730

Brackets, 240

Change in qualifier, B4.2.1, B4.3.3, 130

Initial articles, 130, 240, Appendix K

LAC policy regarding, C12.4.3

Linking entry fields, Linking Entry Fields - General Information $s, Linking Entry Fields - General Information $t

Series, 440, 490, 830

Subject headings, 630

Tagging, Headings - General Information

United States Newspaper Program (USNP)

Authentication center code, 042

Description, A6.1

History, A2

Identification of records, C1.4, Appendix L

Members, previously A1.3, now available from http://www.loc.gov/aba/pcc/conser/contact/conmembs.html

National Union List, A7.2.5

Newspaper Cataloging and Union Listing Manual, A2, A7.2.7

United States Postal Service (USPS)

NSDP communication with, 012 $m

Postal registration number, 032

Use of ISSN by, A2, A6.3

University presses (as govt. bodies), 008/28

USMARC coding

Changes to, B4.4

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