The most significant changes in Update 8 are those for computer files.  The change in the definition for the Type of Record leader code for computer files (code m) led to a change in the arrangement of fixed fields for most computer file serials.  "Fixed Length Fields - General Information" and "Type of Record (Leader/06)" were revised to reflect this change.  Field 856, "Electronic Location and Access," includes new indicator values and subfields.  Field 530 and Appendix N, "Special Physical Formats," were also revised to reflect these changes.

Field, etc.

Addition, Change, Deletion


A:  New instructions for reporting duplicate LC monographic records; Notification of duplicate Canadian records; Instructions for reporting duplicates to OCLC

C:  New email address for LC duplicate report


A:  List of NLC fields that are retained if an NLC record is deleted


A:  Updated Web address for statistics information; Instruction on monthly reporting

Fixed Length Fields - General Information

C:  Description of field 006 for serials; Use of fixed fields in different types of serial records; Leader codes and fixed fields for computer file serials

A:  Additional combinations for fixed fields for serials

Type of computer file

A:  Description of "online system or service"

Type of record

C:  Code a changed to "language material"; Use and definition of code m for "computer file"

007 - Sound recording

C:  Typo corrected to identify code q for "roll"


C:  Examples changed for LCCN alphabetic identifiers

Headings - General Information

C:  Implementation of change for indicator 1


C:  First indicator values corrected


A:  Use of 246 for "titles by which serials are known" is indicated


C:  Typo corrected to "362"


A:  Instructions for recording 500 notes with subfield $5

D:  Note on LC usage removed


C:  "Note used" replaces "Note applicable" for subfields $b, $c, $d, and $3; Tagging for note on portion of item available online changed from 500 to 530

A:  Newly established 856 indicator values added


C:  Instructions for noting a reprint and example changed; "Reprint" no longer used

Linking Entry Fields - General Information

A:  Instructions for including all of subfield $a in subfield $t of the linking entry


A:  New indicator values added; Subfield $g, "Uniform Resource Name"; Subfield $6 added

C:  Subfield $q changed to "Electronic Format Type"; Subfield $z no longer used to identify the relationship with the item cataloged


A:  Instructions to add revision date to 010; Instructions not to add "LIC" to pre-AACR2 records

Appendix N

C:  Explanation of change in fixed fields for computer files; Fixed fields changed to serial 008, computer file 006

A:  856 indicator values added; Additional instructions for the single record approach for online serials

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