Friedr. Hecker’s Abschied in Strasburg : auf seiner Reise nach Amerika. -- Frankfurt a[m] Main : Druck u. Verlag v. Ed. Gust. May, [ 1849?]

1 print : lithograph, hand colored ; image and text 33 x 23 cm., on sheet 43 x 29 cm.

Title translated: Friedrich Hecker’s farewell in Strasbourg, upon his trip to America.

Four line quote (presumably of Hecker) below image.

Source unknown.

Friedr.:  The abbreviated name is not completed because it can be understood (0J2).

a[m]:  The abbreviated place of publication is completed (2C4).

Druck u. Verlag v. Ed. Gust.:  The abbreviations in the publisher statement are transcribed as they appear (2D1).

1849?:  The probable date of publication is given, based on the date of the event, according to the pattern in Appendix A (2F5.1).  For a single item, this supplied date is enclosed in square brackets (0B1.1, 0B2).

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