Introduction, Discussion Points, References, and Definitions of Terms

5.1.  Background and purpose of uniform titles created according to AACR2 25.1A, LCRI 25.5B

5.2.  When to assign a uniform title

5.2.1.  Basic principles

5.2.2.  Entry under title (field 130)

a.  Comparing titles proper

b.  When is one title "identical" to another?

c.  Searching against "the catalog"

5.2.3.  Entry under corporate body (fields 110/240 or 111/240)

5.2.4.  Change of physical medium

5.2.5.  When not to add a uniform title

5.3.  Choice and form of qualifiers

5.3.1.  Place of publication

5.3.2.  Corporate body

5.3.3.  Dates

5.3.4.  Physical medium

5.3.5.  Other qualifiers

5.3.6.  Multiple qualifiers

5.3.7.  Examples of uniform titles created according to LCRI 25.5B

5.4.  Recording the uniform title

5.4.1.  General rule

5.4.2.  Omissions

5.5.  Special problems

5.5.1.  Common title/section title

5.5.2.  Title is the same as a name

5.5.3.  Changes in uniform title qualifiers

5.5.4.  Online versions

5.6.  Uniform titles for translations and language editions

5.6.1.  Translations

a.  Original title has a uniform title

b.  Selections

5.6.2.  Language editions

5.7.  Uses of the uniform title in other areas of the record

5.7.1.  Linking entries

5.7.2.  Added entries or subject headings

5.7.3.  Notes


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