First indicator - Note controller

0  Display note

1  Do not display note

Second indicator - Display constant controller

#  Translation of (765)

Translated as (767)

8  No display constant generated

Subfield codes:

a  Main entry heading (NR)

b  Edition (NR)

c  Qualifying information (NR)  [Pre-AACR2]

d  Place, publisher, and date of publication (NR)

g  Related parts (R)

h  Physical description (NR)

i   Relationship information (R)

k  Series data for related item (R)

m Material-specific details (NR)

n  Note (R)

o  Other item identifier (R)

r   Report number (R)

s  Uniform title (NR)

t   Title (NR)

u  Standard Technical Report Number (NR)

w  Record control number (R)

x  International Standard Serial Number (NR)

y  CODEN designation (NR)

z  International Standard Book Number (R)  [Not used]

4  Relationship code (R)

6  Linkage (NR)

7  Control subfield (NR)  [Not used]

Character position 0 - Type of main entry heading

Character position 1 - Form of name

Character position 2 - Type of record

Character position 3 - Bibliographic level

8  Field link and sequence number (R)

NOTE:  See MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data (765 Original Language Entry and 767 Translation Entry) for code definitions not given below.


Field 765 provides a link to the original language publication when the publication in hand is a translation.

Display constants

Translation of:  (765)

Translated as:  (767)

Field 767 provides a link to a translation when the publication in hand is the original language version.

Linking relationships

Add field 765 (Original Language Entry) to a record describing the translation.  When a translation exists, add field 767 (Translation Entry) to a record describing the original.

Record for a translation linked to the original language version:

130 00 Astrofizicheskie issledovaniia. $l English.

245 10 Bulletin of the Special Astrophysical Observatory--North Caucasus.

765 0# $t Astrofizicheskie issledovaniia $x 0320-9318 $w (DLC)  78648457

Record for the original language version linked to a translation:

245 00 Astrofizicheskie issledovaniia.

767 0# $t Astrofizicheskie issledovaniia. English. Bulletin of the Special Astrophysical Observatory--North Caucasus $x 0190-2709 $w (DLC)  86649325 $w (OCoLC)4698159


The first indicator determines the note display.  When a linking note is to be generated from field 765 or 767, set the first indicator to value "0."  When a linking note is input in field 580, set the first indicator to value "1."

The second indicator determines whether the display constant is generated or whether text added in subfield $i is intended to be displayed with the other data in the field.  When adding text to subfield $i to display with the field, set the second indicator to "8."

245 ## Machine science abstracts.

765 08 $i Abridged translation of: $t Mashinovedenie $w (DLC)  90646274 $w (OCoLC)6258868

130 0# Problemy Dal'nego Vostoka. $l English.

245 10 USSR report. $p Problems of the Far East $h [microform].

580 ## Translation of the quarterly: Problemy Dal'nego Vostoka, published by the Far  East Institute, USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow.

765 1# $t Problemy Dal'nego Vostoka $w (DLC)sn 84044222

110 2# Cofiec.

245 10 Cofiec informe anual.

767 0# $t Cofiec. $s Cofiec informe anual. English. $t Cofiec annual report $x 0304- 6508 $w (DLC)  74648118

245 00 Finance & development.

580 ## Also available in the following translations: Arabic: Tamwil wa al-tanmiyah;  French: Finances et developpement; German: Finanzierung & Entwicklung; Spanish: Finanzas y desarrollo; Portuguese: Financas & desenvolvimento.

767 1# $t Finance & development. Arabic. Tamwil wa al-tanmiyah $x 0250-7455

767 1# $t Finance & development. French. Finances et developpement $x 0430-473X

767 1# $t Finance & development. German. Finanzierung & Entwicklung $x 0250- 7439

767 1# $t Finance & development. Spanish. Finanzas y desarrollo $x 0250-7447

767 1# $t Finance & development. Portuguese. Financas & desenvolvimento $x 0250- 7404


The most common subfields are (in input order):  $a, $s, $t, $x, $w.  For a description of subfields defined for this field, see Linking Entry Fields - General Information.

Special instructions

Field 041 may be added to the record for the translation.  Code both the language of the translation and the language of the original.  For further instructions, see field 041.

Related fields, etc.

041, 580, Linking Entry Fields - General Information, Appendix L

765 Original Language Entry  (MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data)

767 Translation Entry  (MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data)

See also:

76X-78X  Linking Entry Fields

Variable Data Fields

Section E.  MARC 21 Format for Serials as Applied Within CONSER

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