Main entry

definition, Appendix C


added in square brackets after name of publisher, distributor, etc., 2E

recording, 2B2

Manuscript material

as source of information, 0B

definition, Appendix C

with collection, 0A(b)


notes on, 5B9.6

Medium, see Extent, statement of

Mixed media in a single item, 3C3.2

Modern copy of older photographic print

notes on, 5B9.2


definition, Appendix C

notes on, 5B7.1

statement of responsibility, 1G7


notes on, 5B6

omission from title and statement of responsibility area, 1B1.4

Mounting, see Secondary support

Multilevel description

collection made up of several types of material, 3B4, 3F

Multiple dates, see Date

Multiple images on one sheet

dimensions, 3D3.1

statement of extent, 3B6.1

titles of, 1B1.8

Multiple publication, distribution, etc., details, 2C5

Multiple sheets composing one image

dimensions, 3D3.2

statement of extent, 3B6.2

Multiple statements of responsibility, 1G4, 1G5

Multiple techniques or processes in single item, 3C3

Multiple titles, 1B1.7, 1B1.8

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