National Child Labor Committee collection / Lewis Wickes Hine. -- 1908-1924.

21 albums (4,945 photographic prints) ; 27 x 30 cm.

Subject: Photographic prints by Hine for National Child Labor Committee, New York. Original photographic prints organized topically and pasted into albums compiled by the Library; each annotated with Hine number for which there is a caption card; 248 corresponding original glass negatives in LC-H5 and LC-H51 series.

Contents: Agriculture, 1909-1917 -- Canneries, 1909-1916 -- Coal mines, 1908-1910 -- Glass factories, 1908-1924 -- Street trades, 1908-1924 -- Tenement homework, 1910-1924 -- Children in W. Va., Oct. 1924 -- Miscellaneous child labor, 1908-1924.

Gift of the National Child Labor Committee, 1955.

National Child Labor Committee collection:  The cataloger has devised a title from the name of the sponsoring body, which is also the source (1C2).

Lewis Wickes Hine:  Although the photographer’s name does not actually appear on the material, his name is known from the accession record.  His name is given in standardized form, without square brackets (0b1.2, 1G3).

1908-1924:  Span dates are given (2H1).

21 albums:  The component parts of the collection are described (3B4).

27 x 30 cm.:  The measurement refers to the outside dimensions of the uniform size albums (3D9.1).

Subject:  The subject description is general, covering only what is common to all 21 albums, since the units will be described in separate catalog records (see Sample Description 11).  Information is given on physical description--what was done subsequent to the arrival of the collection--and on corresponding negatives, as well as information on a finding aid that is not filed with the collection (5B9.1, 5B14, 5B18).

Contents:  The full contents, an indication of each unit, is given so that the catalog user can see the full range of the collection (5B17).

Subunit from the collection described above, cataloged separately:

Child labor in agriculture / Lewis Wickes Hine. -- 1909-1917.

3 albums (633 photographic prints) ; 27 x 30 cm.

Subject: Children harvesting crops, operating farm machinery, caring for animals, etc.

Forms part of the National Child Labor Committee Collection.

Child labor in agriculture:  The cataloger has devised a descriptive title (1C2).

3 albums:  The component parts of the unit are given (3B4).

Forms part of:  The relationship note ties this unit to the larger collection (5B21); the catalog user looks to the collection description for other notes concerning the collection as a whole.

Single item from the collection described above, cataloged separately:

[Two boys, horse, and colt in barnyard, western Mass. / Lewis Wickes Hine]. -- [ Aug. 1915]

1 photographic print ; 4 x 5 in.

Caption card: Eight-year old Jack taking care of the colt ... 3972 Western Mass., Aug. 1915. See Hine Report, Rural Child Labor, August 1915.

Hine no. 3972.

In Lot 7475, album 2.

Two boys, horse, and colt in barnyard, western Mass.:  Title devised by the cataloger to describe the image.  What is on the caption card is not considered to be a title (1A2).

Lewis Wickes Hine]:  The photographer’s name, which does not appear on the item, is enclosed in square brackets (0B2).

Aug. 1915:  Date of execution (month and day) are taken from the caption card (0B2, 2H1).

Hine no. 3972:  The original Hine negative number is given (5B19).

In Lot 7475:  Relationship note for item analysis (5B21).

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