Karen Female Institute, Tounghoo : with the native board of managers in their hunting dresses / drawn by Mrs. Ellen B. Mason, from a photograph. -- [ ca. 1862]

1 print : lithograph, 4 cols. ; sheet 17 x 21 cm.

Subject: Five men with spears and bayonet seated cross-legged in foreground. Building in left background. Toungu, Lower Burma.

Plate from: Great expectations realized : or, Civilizing mountain men / by Mrs. Ellen H.B. Mason. Philadelphia : American Baptist Publication Society, 1862.

Source unknown.

Karen Female Institute:  Since the layout is ambiguous, the sense of the text helps to determine what is the title proper, other title information, and statement of responsibility (1A2, 1B1.6, 1F1, 1G2).

ca. 1862:  The probable date of execution is determined on the basis of the publication date of the book (2H4).

4 cols.:  The number of colors, in which the item was printed, is given (3C4.3).

Plate from:  The book, in which this print was, is cited (5B8.3).  The data are recorded in the same order as they would be in a catalog record, except a period is substituted for a period, space,dash, space between "Mason" and "Philadelphia" (5A3).

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