Update 15 includes documentation on parallel language records as one of the categories of permissible duplicates (as announced in OCLC technical bulletin 250).  New practices implemented as part of the aggregator neutral record, such as discontinuation of the "Coverage as of" note, were added.  The removal of most 510 fields from CONSER records is described.  Appendix E. Creating Records with Data in Non-Roman Script for Arabic Serials, is new.  This update also includes many corrections and clarifications that have been collected from CEG users since the last update in 2002.

Field, etc.

Addition, Change, Deletion


Changed in minimum transactions required per year for Associate and Enhance membership

Changed in the review process for Enhance members' records in anticipation of the INST command going away


Added wording to clarify that procedure is for Prepub records

Changed "title changes" to "major changes"


Added section C7.2.7 on parallel records

Updated steps used in deleting records in LC's system


Added fax no. for NSDP and LC


Changed in minimum transactions required per year for Associate and Enhance membership

Leader/17 Encoding level

Corrected "Five numeric values" to "Six numeric values"; "Four categories" to "Three categories"; "Appendix A" to "Appendix C"

007 - Electronic resource

Added code b for black & white

Added wording to clarify that when there is no sound the recorded value is blank and there is no subfield $f


Minor change in wording


Added a sixth instance when a 050 not assigned by LC may be retained

Changed in number of space preceding a date in subfield $b to "one"


Corrected typo in an example

Changed first indicator in field 245 to value 1 in examples where there is also a 1XX

Added second example to 6


Added instructions and changed examples to reflect new policy to always set the first indicator in 245 to value 1 when there is a 1XX

Inserted diacritics to examples

Added $n or/and $p to some examples


Updated instructions to clarify order of input

Clarification of first indicator usage

Added subfields $n and $p to some examples


Corrected punctuation in last example


Updated editing instructions to clarify change made in CEG Update 14


Changed instructions to reflect the decision to discontinue use of "Coverage as of" note

Added instructions on the use of "Print began with" note


Added field 830 to third example

Removed extra spaces following hyphen


Information about the removal of most of 510 fields from CONSER records

Changed blank spaces in examples to #


Changed instructions and example tag to reflect preference to use field 580 to describe multiple relationships


Changed wording to say that use of subfield $m is recommended not required

Changed chronology in examples to ANSI/NISO format

Linking Entry Fields - General Information

Corrected typos in examples

Updated instructions on new requirement of giving both LCCN and OCLC control numbers in subfield $w of links

Corrected spacing


Changed wording to clarify that "no online record" means "record does not appear on OCLC" not "no record for the online version"

Changed first indicator value from 0 to 1 for some 245

Appendix E

Changed delimiter in subfield $c to dollar sign

Corrected typos in examples with Roman data

[Note: this is the first time Appendix E has appeared in print and Catalogers Desktop, changes refer to a draft that was posted on CONSER's web site]

Appendix N

Corrected references to modules in the CCM; updated record for remote access serial

Appendix O

Clarified where non-Roman script should be supplied when applicable

Added category 6 to the General Guidelines to clarify that note fields should be given in English


Index updated

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