Update 17 includes preliminary revision of instructions relating to LC decision to discontinue series authority control effective June 1, 2006.  Because PCC series policy remains status quo, changes were made to indicate LC new cataloging practice and its reduced level of participation in supporting PCC series authority work.  The update also includes addition of new MARC values approved since the last update as well as removal of obsolete values.  In addition, some subfield delimiters, form of names, etc. were also updated.

Field, etc.

Addition, Change, Deletion


Added footnote referring to new LC series policy; removed instructions relating to sending surrogate to LC; changed NLC to LAC


Changed NLC to LAC; updated footnote 1 to reflect LC series policy; corrected a typo


Removed instruction requiring sending surrogates for records with a series that has not been established or for headings in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean; removed LC as creator of SAR; changed National Library of Canada to Library and Archives Canada; NLC to LAC


Changes to field 4XX in LC-authenticated (042 = lc) records may be made without first notifying LC


Added footnote referring to new LC series policy; revised instructions relating to support from NACO liaisons for series authority work; changed NLC to LAC


Changed reference to NLC with its new initials LAC; updated record consolidation steps on p. 4


Updated no. 2-3 under when to send a surrogate to LC; changed "name authority file" to its official name "LC/NACO Authority File"


Changed "name authority file" to its official name "LC/NACO Authority File"

Headings - General Information

Removed reference to subfield $h


Marked subfields $h and $s obsolete


Marked subfields $h and $s obsolete


Marked subfields $h and $s obsolete


Marked subfields $e, $f as repeatable, formerly they were non-repeatable


Marked subfield $d obsolete; existing subfields have been converted to subfield $e; corrected a typo


Added subfield $2, subfield $f, and first indicator values as MARC proposal no. 2006-03 was approved in 03/07/06


Added newly defined subfields for 538, $i, $u, and $3; added serial example showing these fields


Added new indicator value definitions; changed example on page 4


Added new values approved for the second indicator


Added subfield $8; corrected a typo; removed example 7 (this is still an option but was never required by cataloging rule); changed "blank" spaces in examples to #, "+" to $

Linking Entry Fields - General Information

Added statement encouraging catalogers to record multiple subfield $w's when known based on recommendation from PCC SCA Task Group on Linking Entries; clarified that there is no change in CONSER policy regarding the order of subfield $w's in linking fields

Appendix P

Added footnote clarifying that "Books" denotes "Printed works"; changed "blank" spaces in examples to #, "+" to $

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