There are three common types of newspaper editions:  frequency, geographic, and chronological.  (See CCM 9.1.2 for the definition of an edition.)  The source of the edition statement (field 250 ) is the first issue of the newspaper or the earliest issue held.  The edition statement is most often printed in the masthead and/or the publisher's statement.  Record the statement as specified in CCM 9.2.1 and 9.3, or supply it as stipulated in CCM 9.2.4.  The edition statement is often used as an additional element in the uniform title (CCM 33.4.3).

Separately cataloged editions are generally linked using the Other Edition Available Entry (field 775 ).  (See also CCM 33.15.3, Other Physical Formats.)  Linking Entry Complexity Note (field 580 ) may also be added for clarification of the relationship, or in place of multiple 775 fields.  580 fields are used in place of 775 linking fields when the names or titles of the editions are unknown.  (See CCM Module 14 and 33.15.2 for more information on linking fields.)  Do not consider versions in different physical media to be editions.  This relationship is identified with the 776 linking field.

130 0# $a Federal Republican (Georgetown, Washington, D.C. : Country ed.)

245 10 $a Federal Republican.

250 ## $a [Country ed.]

310 ## $a Semiweekly

775 0# $t Federal Republican (Georgetown, Washington, D.C. : Daily) $w (DLC)sn 84038792

33.7.1.  Frequency editions

Edition statements are often found in the masthead or in the publisher’s block.  If not found on the issue, the edition statement can be supplied per AACR2 1.2B4.  If an edition statement, derived from the frequency, is used in the uniform title  qualifier, then the 250 field is input in brackets.

130 0# $a Olmsted County Democrat (Rochester, Minn. : Daily ed.)

245 14 $a Olmsted County Democrat.

250 ## $a Daily ed.

775 0# $t Olmsted County Democrat (Rochester, Minn. : Weekly ed.) $w (DLC)sn 90060431

130 0# $a Olmsted County Democrat (Rochester, Minn. : Weekly ed.)

245 14 $a Olmsted County Democrat.

250 ## $a [Weekly ed.]

775 0# $t Olmsted County Democrat (Rochester, Minn. : Daily ed.) $w (DLC)sn 90060432

33.7.2.  Geographic editions

Geographic editions of newspapers are difficult to categorize although common types include major daily newspapers with regional editions, and local newspapers that offer geographic editions for neighboring towns, counties, etc.  Content differences between editions also run the gamut, including those with local or regional sections added, editions with completely different front pages, or those that differ only in the advertising.

Create separate records for geographic editions if the edition statement is prominently stated.

Regional edition

130 0# $a Christian Science monitor (Boston, Mass. : Western ed.)

245 14 $a The Christian Science monitor.

250 ## $a Western ed.

775 1# $t Christian Science monitor (Boston, Mass. : Eastern ed.) $w (DLC)sn 84035651 $w (OCoLC)2621177

775 1# $t Christian Science monitor (Boston, Mass. : Midwestern ed.)

775 1# $t Christian Science monitor (Boston, Mass. : New England ed.) $w (DLC)sn 85047511

Local edition

130 0# $a Sun herald (Charlotte Harbor, Fla. : Englewood ed.)

245 10 $a Sun herald.

250 ## $a Englewood ed.

580 ## $a Other eds.: Sun herald (Charlotte Harbor, Fla. : Charlotte ed.), 1991-<1995>; Sun herald (Charlotte Harbor, Fla. : De Soto ed.), <1994-1995>

775 1# $t Sun herald (Charlotte Harbor, Fla. : Charlotte ed.) $x 1055-7806 $w (DLC)sn  91002725

775 1# $t Sun herald (Charlotte Harbor, Fla. : De Soto ed.) $x 1078-5574 $w (DLC)sn  94004139

For retrospective cataloging, a single record may be used for geographic editions if there are only minor differences between editions (e.g., advertising).  Use a 580 note to cite the editions.

130 0# $a Miami herald (Miami, Fla. : 1910)

245 14 $a The Miami herald.

580 ## $a Published in multiple geographic editions.

580 ## $a Spanish language eds.: Miami herald (Miami, Fla. : 1976), 1976- 1987; Nuevo herald,1987-

775 1# $t Miami herald (Miami, Fla. : 1976)  $w (DLC)sn 83016287

775 1# $t Miami herald (Miami, Fla. : 1910). Spanish. Nuevo herald $w (DLC)sn 91066494

When separate records are created, 775 fields are generally used to link between editions, as shown in the Sun Herald example above.  (See also CCM 33.15.2.)  The cataloger can optionally use a 580 note to describe multiple editions in place of separate 775 fields.

130 0# $a Springfield daily news (Springfield, Mass. : 1880)

245 10 $a Springfield daily news.

580 ## $a Published in several regional editions, <1962>-1987.

[There are nine separate records for local editions of the above title; 775 fields are not included in the records.]

Some geographic editions include a main edition and multiple local, or regional editions.  These situations can be handled with an alternative combination of 580 note and linking fields whereby the main edition includes 775 fields for all the regional/local editions, but the related records include only a single 775 field for the main edition.  A 580 note should also be included in the record for the local edition to identify the other local editions.  In the Saturday Globe example (Figure 33.10.), the Utica edition has been identified as the main edition.

130 0# $a Saturday globe (Utica, N.Y. : Syracuse ed.)

245 14 $a The Saturday globe.

250 ## $a Syracuse ed.

260 ## $a Utica, N.Y. : $b William T. and Thomas F. Baker

580 ## $a Also published in numerous local editions.

775 0# $t Saturday globe (Utica, N.Y. : Utica ed.) $w (DLC)sn 84035936 $w (OCoLC)2267485

In the late 18th and early 19th century, many urban titles published condensed country editions for outlying areas.  Treat these as geographic editions and catalog separately.

130 0# $a Springfield weekly Republican (Springfield, Mass. : Country ed.)

245 10 $a Springfield weekly Republican.

250 ## $a Country ed.

310 ## $a Weekly

775 0# $t Springfield daily Republican (Springfield, Mass.) $w (DLC)sn 83045602

775 0# $t Springfield weekly Republican (Springfield, Mass.) $w (DLC)sn 83020847

33.7.3.  Chronological editions

Chronological editions are different distributions of the same issue, either numbered separately or given statements of specific times of the day.  For example, The Washington Post at one time published three daily chronological editions:  "Capital," "Late City," and "Final" editions.  Do not generally create a note, or record a chronological edition statement (field 250), or create separate records for chronological editions, unless the titles are different.  The example below for Berliner Tageblatt illustrates an exception where the evening edition carries a different title from the morning edition.

130 0# $a Berliner Tageblatt (Berlin, Germany : 1872)

245 00 $a Berliner Tageblatt $h [microform].

250 ## $a Morgen-Ausg.

310 ## $a Daily

500 ## $a Monday issues have ed. statement: Montags-Ausg.

515 ## $a Alternates numbering with: Berliner Tageblatt und Handels-Zeitung, <May 1, 1888-Nov. 30, 1889>

580 ## $a Evening ed. published with title: Berliner Tageblatt und Handels-Zeitung, <May 1, 1888-Nov. 30, 1889>

775 1# $t Berliner Tageblatt und Handels-Zeitung $w (DLC) sn 95048222 $w (OcoLC)34074017

245 00 $a Berliner Tageblatt und Handels-Zeitung $h [microform].

250 ## $a Abend-Ausg.

515 ## $a Alternates numbering with: Berliner Tageblatt (Berlin, Germany : 1872), <May 1, 1888-Nov. 30, 1889>

580 ## $a Morning ed. published with title: Berliner Tageblatt, <May 1, 1888-Nov. 30, 1889>

775 1# $t Berliner Tageblatt (Berlin, Germany : 1872) $w (DLC)sn 95048221 $w (OcoLC)34073999

33.7.4.  Other editions

Use 775 and 580 fields to record language editions.  Create a uniform title as prescribed in CCM 5.6.2.  Do not use Original Language Entry (765) or Translation Entry (767) fields.

130 0# $a Forward (New York, N.Y.)

245 10 $a Forward.

250 ## $a [English ed.]

260 ## $a New York City [N.Y.] : $b Forward Pub. Co.

580 ## $a Yiddish ed.: Fovets (New York, N.Y.).

775 1# $t Forward (New York, N.Y.). Yiddish. Forverts  $w (DLC)sn 83045845

During heated political races many papers issued campaign editions.  Some were merely broadsides, scandal sheets, or propaganda.  Catalog separately and record the edition statement in the 250 field if the campaign edition meets the definition of a newspaper.

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