Dashed-on information

Omitted from record, 008/38

"Date viewed" (electronic resources), 500


Chronological designation used in fixed field, 008/07-14

In frequency, 310/321 $b

In notes, Notes - General Information

In series, 490 $a

In subject headings, Subject Headings - General Information $y

In variant titles, 246 $f

Of a work, Headings - General Information $f

Of birth, death, etc., Headings - General Information $d

Of conference or meeting, Headings - General Information $d

Of content, 045

Of first/last issue, 362

Of publication, 260 $a

Projected publication, 263

Questionable, 008/07-14, 362

Record entered on OCLC, 008/00-05

Transactions on OCLC, 005, 012

Uncertain, unknown (in fixed field), 008/07-14

Uniform title qualifiers, 130, 240

Updating fixed field dates, 008/07-14

Deletion of records

Consolidated records, C8.2.4, C8.2.5

Duplicate records, C7.1

From ISDS file, 012 $j

From LC file, C7.5

In MUMS, 012 $z

Note in record, 936

OCLC control numbers, 019

Record status overrider, 012 $z

Status of record, Leader/05


Definition, A9

In CEG, D3.1

Description based on note, 500

Relation to 362 field, 362


As non-filing characters, 245, 440

In CEG examples, D3.4

In key title, 008/33 (Continuing resources)

Direct access electronic resources

See Electronic resources

Display constants

Controller, Notes - General Information

Duplicate records

Different formats, C7.2.3

Duplicate Record Report (OCLC web page or PDF form), C7.4

Note in record, 936

OCLC control number, 019

Permissible duplicates, C7.2

Reporting duplicates, C7.4

Selection, C7.3

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