See Great Britain


See Soviet Union


form of country name, 3C1; 4C1

Undistributed works, 4C4; 4D4; 4E5

Unedited footage

contents notes, 7B28

countries of production, 3C4

physical descriptions, 5B6

undistributed works, 4C4; 4D4; 4E5

Unidentified works

statement of responsibility lacking, 1G1.1

structuring supplied titles

with form terms, 1F1.6

title proper, 1F1.6

See also Form terms

Uniform titles, 1B5

analytical title added entries from contents notes, App. A3.4

collection-level cataloging, App. C4.1

conflicts, App. A3.1

editions, App. A3.3

formulation, App. A3.1

linking works produced simultaneously in multiple languages, Ch. 2, intro.; 2C2; App. A3.3

main entry, App. A, part II, intro.

qualifiers, App. A3.1

related non-moving image works, App. A3.2

series added entries (non-television), App. A3.7

television programs, App. A3.5-A3.6

television specials, App. A3.6

usage, App. A3

versions, App. A3.3

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

See Soviet Union

Unit numbering

complete works, 5B3

incomplete works, 5B4

not used as identifying element, 1B1

uncertain, 5B4.1; 5B5

unknown, 5B4.1; 5B5

See also Number of units

Unit terms for incomplete works

abbreviations, 5B4

United Kingdom

See Great Britain

Unknown countries of distribution, release, broadcast, 4C3

Unknown countries of production, 3C3

Unknown distribution, release, broadcast, 4C3; 4D3

Unknown distributors, releasers, broadcasters, 4D3

Unpublished sources of information

notes, 7B25


form of country name, 3C1; 4C1

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