SECAM color system, 5B7


See Sine loco


See Sine nomine

Safety film bases, 5E

Scope of manual, 0A

Screen tests

See Form terms

Script of description, 0D


See Sound characteristics

Second level of cataloging

access points, App. A, part I, intro.

data elements, 0E2

Secondary sources of information, 0C

Segment titles

television episodes, 1B1.1.3

placement of credits, 1G5.7

See also Identifying elements

Separate sound elements, 5C3; 5H

Sequential Couleur a Memoire color system

See SECAM color system

Serials, theatrical

See Theatrical serials


language and script of, 0D

notes, 7B22

uniform titles, App. A3.7

Series designations, non-numerical

educational and technical series (non-television), 6G

Series, educational and technical (non-television)

intended to be viewed consecutively

title proper, 1B1

capitalization and punctuation, 1B1

identifying elements, 1B1

"no." used in, 1B1.4

terms preceding numbers, predominant, 1B1.4

not intended to be viewed consecutively

International Standard Serial Number, 6F

more than one series statement, 6J

numbering within a series, 6G

other title information, 6D

punctuation, 6A1

reissue, rerelease series, 6J

series-like phrases, 6K

subseries, 6H

title proper

of series, 6C

of work, 6B

Series-like phrases

educational and technical series (non-television), 6K

Series, non-television

See Series, educational and technical (non-television)

Series statements

educational and technical series (non-television)

more than one, 6J

treated separately from episode or part title, 6A

Series, television

See Television series

Series, television, variant titles

See Variant titles

Series titles

abbreviations for terms preceding numbers, 1B1

changes within years, 1B1

predominant form used, 1B1

variant forms, 1B1

Sets of elements, Ch. 5, intro.; 5G

Show numbers

See Numbers


See Sound characteristics


use of, 0G

Simultaneous distribution, release, broadcast, 4D1; 4E2.1

Sine loco

country of distribution, release, broadcast, 4C3

country of production, 3C3

Sine nomine, 4D3

Sound characteristics, Ch. 5, intro.; 5C3

abbreviations, 5C3

double edge sound tracks, 5C3

incomplete sound, 5B4

lacking sound, 5C3

list of optional sound terms, 5C3

mute, 5C3

notes, 7B17

separate sound elements, 5C3

silent, 5C3

sound, 5C3

Sound tracks, 5C3; 5F; 5H

Sources of acquisition/Provenance

notes, 7B37; App. C4.5.8

Sources of information

brackets, 0C

cataloger-supplied data, 0C

not in the language of the work, 1G1

notes, 7B25

preferred sources, 0C

secondary sources, 0C; Intro.

unpublished sources, 7B25

South Korea

form of country name, 3C1; 4C1

Soviet Union

form of country name, 3C1; 4C1

Span of dates, 4E4

Specialized archives, Intro.

Specific material designations, 5B2


See Form terms

Split reels

notes, 7B31


notes, 7B8

statement of responsibility, 1G3.1

Sports events, televised

optional title structure, 1B1.1.6

as part of a television series, 1B1.1.6

supplied titles, 1B1.1.6

title added entries, 1B1.1.6

title proper, 1B1.1.6

name of event in, 1B1.1.6

variant titles, 1B1.1.6

Square brackets

See Brackets

Statement of responsibility

amateur works, 1G5.2

ambiguous credits, 1G3

presenters, 1G3.2

sponsors, 1G3.1

vanity credits, 1G3.3

brackets, 1G1.1

choice and placement of credits, 1G1

compilations, 1G5.1

credit function unknown, 1G1.1

credit notes, 1G1

editions, 2D

episodes of televisions series with separately titled segments, 1G5.7

excerpts and clips, 1G5.6

home movies, 1G5.3

individual performing production function, 1G1

international co-productions

order of production companies, 1G4

language and script of, 0D

not on work, 1G1

notes, 7B5; 7B6; 7B9

order of credits, 1G2

outtakes and trims, 1G5.5

as part of title proper, 1B

place name with production company, 1G1

production company as first credit, 1G, intro.

contributions of persons or companies, 1G, intro.

production company unknown, 1G1.1; 1G5.4

punctuation, 1A1

series, educational and technical (non-television)

not intended to be viewed consecutively, 6E

trailers, 1G5.4

types of credits included, 1G, intro.; 1G1

versions, 2D

See also Credit terms; Credits; Production companies

Stencil-colored films, 5C4

Structuring supplied titles

with form terms, 1F-1F1

amateur works, 1F1.5

capitalization and punctuation, 1F1

television commercials, public service announcements, etc., 1F1.3

unidentified works, 1F1.6

works associated with a titled work, 1F1.1

trailers, outtakes, clips, excerpts, etc., 1F1.1

works with individuals as the subject, 1F1.4

list of form terms, App. D

punctuation, 1F

works with form terms, 1F1

works without form terms, 1F2

television news, 1B1.1.5

optional use, 1B1.1.5

television sports events

optional use, 1B1.1.6

using descriptive category, 1F; 1F1.6; 1F2; 1F2.1-1F2.2

using descriptive phrase, 1F; 1F1.6; 1F2; 1F2.1-1F2.2

without form terms

multiple works

no predominant part, 1F2.2

works with probable or questionable titles, 1F2.1

See also Titles, supplied

Style, 0M

Subject Headings Manual, H2230, App. A1.2

Subject heading added entries

collection-level cataloging, App. C5

numerical limits, App. A, part I, intro.

second level of cataloging, App. A1.2

third level of cataloging, App. A2.2


educational and technical series (non-television)

not intended to be viewed consecutively, 6H

International Standard Serial Number, 6H

numbering within a series, 6H

numeric designation, 6H

other title information, 6H

statement of responsibility, 6H

Subseries, non-television

See Subseries -- educational and technical series (non-television)

Subseries, television

capitalization and punctuation, 1B1.1.4

part numbers, 1B1.1.4

title proper, 1B1.1.4


notes, 7B27; App. C4.5.3

Supplied data

See Cataloger-supplied data

Supplied dates

See Dates, supplied

Supplied terms

See Terms preceding numbers

Supplied titles

See Structuring supplied titles; Titles, supplied


replacement of, 0D

See also: