NTSC color system, 5B7

Names, personal

See Personal names

National Television Systems Committee color system

See NTSC color system

News, edited

See Newsreels -- structuring supplied titles for clips and excepts

See Television news -- structuring supplied titles for clips and excepts

News, television

See Television news


title proper

capitalization and punctuation, 1B1; 1B1.3

episode titles, 1B1.3

identifying elements, 1B1

"no." used in, 1B1.3

numbered newsreels, 1B1.3

numeric designations, 1B1.3

structuring supplied titles for clips and excerpts, 1F1.2

terms preceding numbers, predominant, 1B1.3

Nitrate film base, 5E; 5H

No. (abbreviated term)

supplied in title proper, 1B1

educational and technical series viewed consecutively (non-television), 1B1.4

newsreels, 1B1.3

television series, 1B1

theatrical serials, 1B1.2

Non-television series

See Series, educational and technical (non-television)

Nonanamorphic wide-screen, 5C2

North Korea

form of country name, 3C1; 4C1


abbreviations, 7A3

accompanying material, 7B21

awards, 7B33

biographical/historical, App. C4.5.1

censorship, 7B32

collection-level cataloging, App. C4.5

multiple records, App. C7.4

collection names, 7B34

color characteristics, 7B18

compilation reels, 7B31

contents, 7B28; App. C4.5.2; App. C7.4.1

copy specific, 7A3

copyright registration information, 7B10-7B10.3

country of production, 7B12

credits, 7B5; 7B6

dissertations, 7B23

distribution, release, broadcast, 7B11

finding aids, App. C4.5.4

formal, 7A3

holdings, 7B30

incomplete works, 7B14

informal, 7A3

intended audience, 7B24

language, 7B2

language and script of, 0D

location of related materials not held by archive, 7B38; App. C4.5.9

multiple copies, 7B19

multiple lines of physical description, 7B

numbers associated with the work, 7B29

numerals, 7A3

order, 7A5

other available formats, 7B26

physical description, 7B13

preferred citation of collections in sources, App. C4.5.7

preservation, 7B20

production, distribution, release, broadcast, 7B11

projection characteristics, 7B16

publications, 7B39

quotations, 7A3

rating designations, 7B24

required, 7B

restrictions on viewing, 7B35; App. C4.5.5

running time and/or length, 7B15

series, 7B22

sound characteristics, 7B17

sources of acquisition/provenance, 7B37; App. C4.5.8

sources of information, 7B25

split reels, 7B31

sponsors, 7B8

statement of responsibility, 7B9

summaries, 7B27; App. C4.5.3

terms governing use, 7B36; App. C4.5.6

title proper, 7B3; 7B25

trade names, 7B7

variant titles, 7B4; 7B25

viewing and research, 7B1

with notes, 7B31

Number of copies

See Copy numbers

Number of units in line of physical descriptions

in complete work, 5B3; 5B3.2

in hand, 5B1; 5B3; 5B3.2; 5B4; 5B5

in incomplete work, 5B4

uncertain, 5B4.1; 5B5

unknown, 5B4.1; 5B5

Numbering in a subseries

educational and technical series (non- television)

not intended to be viewed consecutively, 6H

Numbering in an educational and technical series (non-television), 6G

non-numerical series designations, 6G

See also Numbers


annually broadcast television programs, 1B1.1.1

International Standard Serial Numbers, 6F; 6H

as part of the title proper, 1B1

television subseries, 1B1.1.4

title proper

educational and technical series (non-television)

arabic numerals, 6G

roman numerals, 6G

used to distinguish episodes within a television series, 1B1.1.1

See also Identifying elements; No. (abbreviated term); Numbering in an educational and technical series (non-television); Numeric designations

Numbers associated with the work

notes, 7B29


notes, 7A3

related to moving image description, 0L

See also Arabic numerals; Numbers; Roman numerals

Numeric designations

title proper, 1B1

educational and technical series (non- television), 1B1; 1B1.4; 6G

newsreels, 1B1.3

television pilots, 1B1.1.2

television series, 1B1.1.1

theatrical serials, 1B1.2

See also Identifying elements; Numbers

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