PAL color system, 5B7


See Form terms; Television commercials, public service announcements, etc.

Pan-and-scan, 5C2

Parallel titles

not used, 1A5

Part numbers, 1B1

as identifying elements

television subseries, 1B1.1.4

to mean unit numbers, 1B1.2; 1B1

See also Identifying elements

Part titles

educational and technical series intended to be viewed consecutively (non-television), 1B1.4

as identifying elements, 1B1

newsreels, 1B1.3

theatrical serials, 1B1.2

See also Identifying elements

Personal name added entries

collection-level cataloging, App. C6

numerical limits, App. A, part I, intro.

second level of cataloging, App. A1.1

third level of cataloging, App. A2.1

Personal name main entry

optional use, 0B1; App. A, part II, intro.

Personal names

used to structure titles for works with individuals as the subject, 1F1.4

Phase Alternation Line color system

See PAL color system


as part of title proper, 1B

Phrases, series-like

See Series-like phrases

Physical description

collection-level cataloging, App. C4.3

multiple records, App. C7.3

notes, 7B13

Physical descriptions

color characteristics, Ch. 5, intro.; 5C4

copy numbers, Ch. 5, intro.; 5G

dimensions, Ch. 5, intro.; 5D

extent of work, Ch. 5, intro.; 5B

film bases, Ch. 5, intro.; 5E

film projection speeds, Ch. 5, intro.; 5C5

generations, Ch. 5, intro.; 5F

language and script of, 0D

multiple lines of, 0B4; 5H

projection characteristics, Ch. 5, intro.; 5C2

running time and/or length, Ch. 5, intro.; 5B8

sound characteristics, Ch. 5, intro.; 5C3

specific material designations, Ch. 5, intro.; 5B2

video formats, Ch. 5, intro.; 5B7

video playing speeds, Ch. 5, intro.; 5C6

Physical details, 5C

color characteristics, 5C4

film projection speeds, 5C5

order of, 5C1

projection characteristics, 5C2

sound characteristics, 5C3

video playing speeds, 5C6

Pilots, television

date as part of title proper, 1B1.1.2

episode title as part of title proper, 1B1.1.2

made-for-television movies, 1B1.1.2

"pilot" used as episode title, 1B1.1.2

Place names

used with production companies in statement of responsibility, 1G1

Playing speeds, video, 5C6

Political spots

See Form terms

Polyester film base, 5E

Possible titles

See Structuring supplied titles

Predominant form

See Identifying elements; Series titles

Predominant form of terms

See Terms preceding numbers

Predominant parts of multiple works

See Multiple works

Preferred citation of collections in sources

notes, App. C4.5.7

Preferred source of information, 0C


as distributors, 1G3.2

statement of responsibility, 1G3.2

variations in use, 1G3.2


See Presenters


notes, 7B20

Press conferences

See Form terms

Primary access point

See Main entry

Probable countries of distribution, release, broadcast, 4C2

Probable countries of production, 3C2

Probable dates of distribution, release, broadcast, 4E4

Probable distributors, releasers, broadcasters, 4D2

Probable titles

See Structuring supplied titles

Production companies

as descriptive categories, 1F1.6; 1F2.1

international co-productions, 1G4

statement of responsibility

first credit, 1G, intro.

order of names in international co-productions, 1G4

outtakes and trims, 1G5.5

personal names, 1G1

place name with, 1G1

presenter used as, 1G3.2

trailers, 1G5.4

See also Statement of responsibility

Production company unknown, 1G1.1; 1G5.4

Production dates

as dates of distribution, release, broadcast, 4E3

Production numbers

See Numbers

Production, distribution, release, broadcast

notes, 7B11

Program for Cooperative Cataloging, 0E2

Projection characteristics

3-D, 5C2

anamorphic, 5C2

aspect ratio, 5C2

letterbox, 5C2

nonanamorphic wide-screen, 5C2

notes, 7B16

pan-and-scan, 5C2

Projection speeds, film, 5C5

Promotional materials

See Form terms


See Form terms

Prop tests

See Form terms


See Sources of acquisition/Provenance

Public service announcements

title proper, 1F1.3

See also Form terms; Television commercials, public service announcements, etc.


notes, 7B39


country of production, 3A1

descriptive categories, 1F1.6; 1F2

descriptive phrases, 1F1.6; 1F2

distribution, release, broadcast, 4A1

educational and technical series not intended to be viewed consecutively (non-television), 6A1

general instructions, 0F

general material designation, 1A1; 1C1

incomplete works, 5B4

notes, 7A1

physical descriptions, 5A1

statement of responsibility, 1A1

educational and technical series (non-television), 6A1

international co-productions, 1G4

supplied titles

without form terms, 1F; 1F2

title proper, 1A1

educational and technical series (non-television), 6A1

version, edition, 2A1

See also Capitalization and punctuation

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