MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data, 0F

Made-for-television movies

as television pilots, 1B1.1.2

Main entry

corporate bodies, App. A, part II, intro.

optional use, 0B1

optional use, 0B1

personal names, App. A, part II, intro.

optional use, 0B1

title proper, 0B1; 1B; App. A, part II, intro.

uniform titles, 0B1; App. A, part II, intro.

See also Title proper

Maintenance of manual, Intro.

Marks of omission

See Abridgment

Millimeters, 5D

Minutes, 5B8

conversion charts, App. E

Misspelled words, 0G

Mixed film bases, 5E


form of country name, 3C1; 4C1

Moving Image Genre-Form Guide, App. A1.2

Moving image materials

See Archival moving image materials

Moving Image Materials: Genre Terms, App. A1.2

Multiple copies

copy numbers, 5G

notes, 7B19

Multiple lines of physical description

notes, 7B

Multiple lines of physical descriptions

order of, 5H

separate lines for each set of elements, 0B4

Multiple works, 0B2

title proper

no predominant part, 1F2.2

one predominant part, 1B3.1

two or more equally important parts, 1B3.2

when to create a single bibliographic record, 1A3

See also Collective titles, works with; Collective titles, works without

See also Collection-level cataloging

Music videos

See Form terms

See also: