general instructions, 0H

Capitalization and punctuation

alternative titles, 1B

educational and technical series intended to be viewed consecutively (non-television), 1B1

newsreels, 1B1; 1B1.3

other title information, 1E

supplied titles

using form terms, 1F1

television series, 1B1

television subseries, 1B1.1.4

theatrical serials, 1B1

Cartridges, 5B2; 5B4

Cassettes, 5B2; 5B4


notes, 7B6

Cataloger-supplied data, Intro.

brackets, general instructions, 0C

language and script of, 0D

Cataloger-supplied titles

See Titles, supplied

Cataloging Service Bulletin, no 78, App. C, intro.


notes, 7B32

Chicago Manual of Style, The, 0F; 0M

Choice and placement of credits, 1G1

Citations to publications using collections

See Publications


cataloged as separate works, 1F1.1

statement of responsibility, 1G5.6

See also Form terms


See Color characteristics

Collection-level cataloging

arrangement, App. C2


organization, App. C2.1-C2.3

refining if too large or complex, App. C4.1

types, App. C1

unifying factors, App. C1

corporate body added entries, App. C6

description, App. C3

descriptive cataloging, App. C4

distribution, release, broadcast, App. C4.2

bulk dates, App. C4.2

electronic location and access of finding aids field, App. C6.2

finding aids, App. C3.1

genre heading added entries, App. C5

location field, App. C6.1

multiple records, App. C7

distribution, release, broadcast, App. C7.2

notes, App. C7.4

physical description, App. C7.3

titles, App. C7.1

notes, App. C4.5

biographical/historical, App. C4.5.1

contents, App. C4.5.2; App. C7.4.1

finding aids, App. C4.5.4

location of related materials not held by archive, App. C4.5.9

preferred citations of collections in sources, App. C4.5.7

sources of acquisition/provenance, App. C4.5.8

summaries, App. C4.5.3

organization and arrangement of materials field, App. C4.4

personal name added entries, App. C6

physical description, App. C4.3

purpose, App. C, intro.

stages, App. C, intro.

subject heading added entries, App. C5

uniform titles, App. C4.1

Collection names

as descriptive categories, 1F; 1F1.6; 1F2.1

notes, 7B34

Collective titles, works with

contents note, 1B2

episodes of television series, 1B2

title proper, 1B2

version, edition statements, 1B2

See also Compilations; Multiple works

Collective titles, works without, 1B3; 1F2.2

See also Compilations; Multiple works

Color broadcast systems, 5B7

Color characteristics, Ch. 5, intro.; 5C4

abbreviations, 5C4

color separations, 5C4

combined black and white and color, 5C4

list of color terms, 5C4

list of optional color terms, 5C4

notes, 7B18

tinting and/or toning, 5C4

Color separations, 5C4

Combining notes, 7A4


See Television commercials, public service announcements, etc.

Compilation reels, Ch. 2, intro.

notes, 7B31


contents notes, 7B28

statement of responsibility

parts of works without a collective title, 1G5.1

whole works with a collective title, 1G5.1

whole works without a collective title, 1G5.1

Complete works

arabic numerals, 5B3

number of units, 5B3

special material designations, 5B3

Composite films

optional use of term "composite," 5F


notes, 7B28; App. C4.5.2; App. C7.4.1

Conversion charts, App. E

Co-productions, international

See International co-productions

Copy numbers

distinctions between copies, 5G

duplicate sets of elements, 5G

incomplete sets of elements, 5G

Copy specific information, 7A3

Copyright dates

as dates of distribution, release, broadcast, 4E3

Copyright registration information

editions, 2F

notes, 7B10-7B10.3

versions, 2F

Corporate body added entries

collection-level cataloging, App. C6

numerical limits, App. A, part I, intro.

optional use, 0B1

third level of cataloging, App. A2.1

Corporate body main entry

optional use, App. A, part II, intro.

Countries of distribution, release, broadcast

abbreviations, 4C1

form of name, 4C1

probable, 4C2

questionable, 4C2

unknown, 4C3

used with date of distribution and language of work to determine title proper, 1B4

Countries of production

form of name, 3C1

international co-productions

countries used to order names of companies, 1G4

order of country names, 3C5

language and script of, 0D

notes, 7B12

optional omissions, Ch. 3, intro.

probable, 3C2

punctuation, 3A1

questionable, 3C2

unknown, 3C3

works never intended to be distributed, 3C4

Credit functions

combining functions in statement of responsibility, 1G1

editions, 2D

misleading or inaccurate, 1G3.2

notes, 7B5; 7B6

versions, 2D

See also Credit terms; Credits; Statement of responsibility

Credit terms

on amateur works, 1G5.2

combining functions in statement of responsibility, 1G1

editions, 2D

on educational and technical series (non- television), 6E

function undetermined, 1G1.1

misleading or inaccurate, 1G3.2

notes, 7B5-7B6

probable, 1G1

questionable, 1G1

supplying, in statement of responsibility, 1G1-1G1.1

versions, 2D

See also Credit functions; Credits; Statement of responsibility


amateur works, 1G5.2

ambiguous, 1G3

choice and placement

statement of responsibility, 1G1

educational and technical series (non-television), 6E

clips and excerpts, 1G5.6

compilations, 1G5.1

editions, 2D

misleading or inaccurate, 1G3.2

notes, 7B5-7B6

order in statement of responsibility, 1G2

optional use, 1G2

outtakes and trims, 1G5.5

personal credits, 1G5.4

presenters, 1G3.2

segments of episodes of a television series, 1G5.7

sponsors, 1G3.1

trailers, 1G5.4

vanity credits, 1G3.3

versions, 2D

See also Credit functions; Credit terms; Statement of responsibility

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