See Frames per second

Federal Republic of Germany

See West Germany

Field footage

See Form terms

Film bases

acetate, 5E

diacetate, 5E

mixed, 5E

nitrate, 5E

polyester, 5E

safety, 5E

triacetate, 5E

Film cartridges, 5B2; 5B4

Film cassettes, 5B2; 5B4

Film gauges, 5D

Film generations, 5F; 5H

Film loops, 5B2; 5B4

Film projection speeds, 5C5

Film reels, 5B2; 5B3.1; 5B4

See also 35 mm. film reel

Film rolls, 5B2; 5B4

Finding aids

collection-level cataloging, App. C3.1

notes, App. C4.5.4

First level of cataloging

data elements, 0E1

Footage, 5B8

conversion charts, App. E

Form terms

capitalization and punctuation, 1F1

list, App. D

used to structure supplied titles, 1F1

See also Amateur works; Clips; Excerpts; Home movies; Outtakes; Public service announcements; Structuring supplied titles; Television commercials; Trailers; Trims; Unidentified works

Formal notes, 7A3

Frames per second, 5C5

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