East Germany

form of country name, 3C1; 4C1

Edge date codes, App. F

Edited news

See Newsreels -- structuring supplied titles for clips and excerpts

See Television news -- structuring supplied titles for clips and excerpts

Editions, Ch. 2, intro.

cataloged on separate bibliographic records, Ch. 2, intro.; 2B

copyright information, 2F

dates of distribution, release, broadcast, 4H

edition statements, Ch. 2, intro.; 2C3

language and script of, 0D

personal name added entries, App. A1.1

statement of responsibility, 2D

terms, Ch. 2, intro.

uniform titles, App. A3.3

viewing and research, Ch. 2, intro.

Educational series

See Series, educational and technical (non-television)

Electronic location and access of finding aids field, App. C6.2


See Abridgment

Episode numbers

annually repeating numbers, 1B1.1.1

associated numbers of television episodes, 1B1.1.1

See also Numbers

Episode titles

added entries, 1B1.1.1

title proper to distinguish episodes within a television series, 1B1.1.1

See also Identifying elements

Episodes of a television series

with separately titled segments

statement of responsibility, 1G5.7

titles, 1B1.1.3


form of country name, 3C1; 4C1

Examples, Intro.

complete records, App. B


cataloged as separate works, 1F1.1

edited news, 1F1.1

statement of responsibility, 1G5.6

television programs, 1F1.1

See also Form terms

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