use of, 0G


See International Standard Book Description


See International Standard Serial Numbers

Identifying elements

associated numbers of television episodes, 1B1.1.1

as part of title proper of series, 1B1

as part of title proper of television series, 1B1.1-1B1.1.1

preferred order, 1B1.1.1

predominant form lacking, 1B1.1.1

predominant form used in title proper, 1B1.1.1

See also Dates, supplied; Descriptive phrases; Episode titles; Numbers; Numeric designations; Part numbers; Part titles; Segment titles; Terms preceding numbers

Inaccuracies, 0G

See also Incorrect information

Inches, 5D

Incomplete units, 5B4.2

Incomplete works

abbreviations of unit terms in physical descriptions, 5B4

incomplete picture and sound, 5B4

lacking sound, 5C3

notes, 7B14

number of units, 5B4

punctuation in physical descriptions, 5B4

Incorrect information, 0C

See also Inaccuracies


See Form terms

Informal notes, 7A3

Initials, 0K

Intended audience

notes, 7B24

International co-productions

country names, order of, 3C5

statement of responsibility

countries of production, 1G4

production companies, order of names, 1G4

punctuation, 1G4

International Standard Book Description

punctuation, 0F

International Standard Serial Numbers, 6F; 6H


See Form terms

Item-level treatment

collection-level cataloging, App. C2.3

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