Vanity credits

statement of responsibility, 1G3.3

Variant titles

added entries, App. A4

alternative, 1B

episodes of television series, 1B1.1.1

notes, 7B4; 7B25

reissue, 1D

rerelease, 1D

televised sports events, 1B1.1.6

television news, 1B1.1.5

television series, 1B1

works released in the same year, same language and different countries, 1B4

See also Title added entries; Title proper; Titles

Varying forms of titles

See Title added entries; Variant titles

Version titles

as title proper, 1B; 1B5

Versions, Ch. 2, intro.

cataloged on separate bibliographic records, Ch. 2, intro.; 2B

copyright information, 2F

dates of distribution, release, broadcast, 4H

personal name added entries, App. A1.1

statement of responsibility, 2D

terms, Ch. 2, intro.; 2C2

uniform titles, App. A3.3

version statements, Ch. 2, intro.; 2C1; 2C2

language and script of, 0D

supplied, 2C2

viewing and research, Ch. 2, intro.

Video formats

abbreviations, 5B7

list of terms, 5B7

Video playing speeds, 5C6

Video technical specifications, 5B7

Videocartridge, 5B2; 5B4

Videocassettes, 5B2; 5B4

Videodiscs, 5B2; 5B4

Videoreels, 5B2; 5B4

Videotape widths, 5D

Viewing and research, Intro.

editions, Ch. 2, intro.

notes, 7B1


notes, 7B35; App. C4.5.5

versions, Ch. 2, intro.

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