Definition and scope:

The 01X-09X fields in the variable data fields of a bibliographic format record contain standard numbers, classification numbers, codes, and other data elements relating to the bibliographic record.

Specific field information:

For information on content designators (indicator and subfield code definitions and examples), National level requirements, field and subfield repeatability, and input conventions for any of the 0XX fields, select from the list below:

010  Library of Congress Control Number  (NR)

013  Patent Control Information  (R)

015  National Bibliography Number  (R)

016  National Bibliographic Agency Control Number  (R)

017  Copyright or Legal Deposit Number  (R)

018  Copyright Article-Fee Code  (NR)

020  International Standard Book Number  (R)

022  International Standard Serial Number  (R)

024  Other Standard Identifier  (R)

025  Overseas Acquisition Number  (R)

026  Fingerprint Identifier  (R)

027  Standard Technical Report Number  (R)

028  Publisher or Distributor Number  (R)

030  CODEN Designation  (R)

031  Musical Incipits Information  (R)

032  Postal Registration Number  (R)

033  Date/Time and Place of an Event  (R)

034  Coded Cartographic Mathematical Data  (R)

035  System Control Number  (R)

036  Original Study Number for Computer Data Files  (NR)

037  Source of Acquisition  (R)

038  Record Content Licensor  (NR)

040  Cataloging Source  (NR)

041  Language Code  (R)

042  Authentication Code  (NR)

043  Geographic Area Code  (R)

044  Country of Publishing/Producing Entity Code  (NR)

045  Time Period of Content  (NR)

046  Special Coded Dates  (R)

047  Form of Musical Composition Code  (R)

048  Number of Musical Instruments or Voices Code  (R)

049  Local Holdings  (NR)

050  Library of Congress Call Number  (R)

051  Library of Congress Copy, Issue, Offprint Statement  (R)

052  Geographic Classification  (R)

055  Classification Numbers Assigned in Canada  (R)

060  National Library of Medicine Call Number  (R)

061  National Library of Medicine Copy Statement  (R)

066  Character Sets Present  (NR)

070  National Agricultural Library Call Number  (R)

071  National Agricultural Library Copy Statement  (R)

072  Subject Category Code  (R)

074  GPO Item Number  (R)

080  Universal Decimal Classification Number  (R)

082  Dewey Decimal Classification Number  (R)

083  Additional Dewey Decimal Classification Number  (R)

084  Other Classification Number  (R)

085  Synthesized Classification Number Components  (R)

086  Government Document Classification Number  (R)

088  Report Number  (R)

09X  Local Call Numbers

Content designator history:

011  Linking Library of Congress Control Number  [obsolete, 1993]  [USMARC only]

023  Standard Film Number  [deleted]

026  Fingerprint Identifier  [new, 2002]

028  Publisher Number  [redefined, 2016]:  Field 028 was renamed and redefined to include distributor numbers.

031  Musical Incipits Information  [new, 2004]

038  Record Content Licensor  [new, 2002]

039  Level of Bibliographic Control and Coding Detail  [obsolete, 1986]

043  Geographic Area Code  [changed, 2020]:  Field 043 was changed to repeatable.

046  Special Coded Dates  [redefined as a repeatable field, 2002]

047  Form of Musical Composition Code  [redefined as a repeatable field, 2006]

083  Additional Dewey Decimal Classification Number  [new, 2008]

085  Synthesized Classification Number Components  [new, 2008]

087  Report Number  [obsolete, 1997]  [CAN/MARC only]

088  Document Shelving Number (CODOC)  [redefined, 1997]  [CAN/MARC only]:  Both indicator positions were undefined.  The subfield codes were:  $a (Report number) and subfield $z (Canceled/invalid report number).

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