Definition and scope:

Fields 500-59X contain bibliographic notes.  Each note is entered as a separate 5XX field.  General notes are recorded in field 500 (General Note).  Specialized notes are contained in fields 501-586.  Preference is for a specific note field, if there is one, when entering specialized note information in the 5XX notes area.  Otherwise, use a 500 General Note.

Specific field information:

For information on content designators (indicator and subfield code definitions and examples), National level requirements, field and subfield repeatability, and input conventions for any of the 5XX fields, select from the list below:

5XX  Note Fields - General Information

500  General Note  (R)

501  With Note  (R)

502  Dissertation Note  (R)

504  Bibliography, Etc. Note  (R)

505  Formatted Contents Note  (R)

506  Restrictions on Access Note  (R)

507  Scale Note for Graphic Material  (NR)

508  Creation/Production Credits Note  (R)

510  Citation/References Note  (R)

511  Participant or Performer Note  (R)

513  Type of Report and Period Covered Note  (R)

514  Data Quality Note  (NR)

515  Numbering Peculiarities Note  (R)

516  Type of Computer File or Data Note  (R)

518  Date/Time and Place of an Event Note  (R)

520  Summary, Etc.  (R)

521  Target Audience Note  (R)

522  Geographic Coverage Note  (R)

524  Preferred Citation of Described Materials Note  (R)

525  Supplement Note  (R)

526  Study Program Information Note  (R)

530  Additional Physical Form Available Note  (R)

532  Accessibility Note  (R)

533  Reproduction Note  (R)

534  Original Version Note  (R)

535  Location of Originals/Duplicates Note  (R)

536  Funding Information Note  (R)

538  System Details Note  (R)

540  Terms Governing Use and Reproduction Note  (R)

541  Immediate Source of Acquisition Note  (R)

542  Information Relating to Copyright Status  (R)

544  Location of Other Archival Materials Note  (R)

545  Biographical or Historical Data  (R)

546  Language Note  (R)

547  Former Title Complexity Note  (R)

550  Issuing Body Note  (R)

552  Entity and Attribute Information Note  (R)

555  Cumulative Index/Finding Aids Note  (R)

556  Information About Documentation Note  (R)

561  Ownership and Custodial History  (R)

562  Copy and Version Identification Note  (R)

563  Binding Information  (R)

565  Case File Characteristics Note  (R)

567  Methodology Note  (R)

580  Linking Entry Complexity Note  (R)

581  Publications About Described Materials Note  (R)

583  Action Note  (R)

584  Accumulation and Frequency of Use Note  (R)

585  Exhibitions Note  (R)

586  Awards Note  (R)

588  Source of Description Note  (R)

59X  Local Notes

Content designator history:

503  Bibliographic History Note  (BK, CF, MU)  [obsolete, 1993]

512  Earlier or Later Volumes Separately Cataloged Note  (SE)  [obsolete, 1990]

517  Categories of Films Note (Archival)  (VM)  [obsolete, 1985]

523  Time Period of Content Note  (CF)  [obsolete, 1993]

527  Censorship Note  (VM)  [obsolete, 1990]

532  Accessibility Note  [new, 2018]

537  Source of Data Note  (CF)  [obsolete, 1993]

542  Information Relating to Copyright Status  [new, 2008]

543  Solicitation Information Note  (AM)  [obsolete, 1983]  [USMARC only]

563  Binding Information  [new, 2002]

570  Editor Note  (SE)  [obsolete, 1990]

582  Related Computer Files Note  (CF)  [obsolete, 1993]

588  Source of Description Note  [new, 2009]

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