IN PROCESS records (LC)

Encoding level, Leader/17

LC (identification of), C1.2

LC class/call number, 050

INC (Issue not consulted), 936

Retrospective conversion, B5

ISBN (in linking entry fields), Linking Entry Fields - General Information $z

ISSN (International Standard Serial Number), 022

Communication with publisher, 012 $l

Communication with USPS, 012 $m

Foreign imprints, input of ISSN for, C6.4

In headings, Headings - General Information $x

In linking entry fields, Linking Entry Fields - General Information $x

In series statement, 440 $x, 490 $x

Incorrect, C6.3, 012 $k

Lacking on U.S. imprints, C6.2

ISSN Canada

Authentication code, 042

Center of responsibility, C1.3

ISSN, 022

ISSN center code, 008/20 (Continuing resources)

Identification of records, C1.3.3

ISSN International Centre

Abbreviated titles, 210

Center code, 008/20 (Continuing resources)

Distribution of records to, 012 $j

Elements in a record, C1.2.3

Elements in foreign imprint records, C6.4

ISSN, 022

Products, A7.3

Relation to CONSER, A2

Illustration statement, 300 $b


Contents code, 008/24, 25-27

Cumulative index note, 555

Subject subdivision, Appendix J

Initial articles, Appendix K

See also general information chapters and editing instructions in each field

Integrating entry, C10

Use of under the 2002 AACR2 rule revisions, C10.5

Linking to records created under integrating entry, B7, Linking Entry Fields - General Information

Integrating resources, B7

Former title, 247

Former title complexity note, 547

Interim practices for coding bibliographic level, Fixed Length Fields - General Information

See also Continuing resources

International Serials Data System (ISDS)

See ISSN International Centre

See also: