CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) records, A2, 066, 880, Appendix O

Numerical designations, 362

Call numbers

See Classification numbers

Canadian bilingual records

See LAC bilingual records

Canadian imprints

Authentication by CONSER participants, C2.2.3, C12, C12.2

Authority for cataloging, B1.7

Cataloging of (by new members under review), A4.5.4

Classification numbers, 055, 086

See also LAC authenticated records, LAC bilingual records, Library and Archives Canada

Captions (Use of in CEG), D2.2

Cartographic continuing resources

See Atlases, Map continuing resources

Cataloger's notes, 936


NLM call number, 060

NLM control number, 069

CD-ROM continuing resources

See Electronic resources, Continuing resources

Celestial charts, 007 (Maps) $b, 034, 255

Centers of responsibility

History of, A2

Identification of records, C1

Changes to records because of cataloging codes, LCRIs, subject analysis, or CONSER practice, B3, B4.3

Chronological designations, 362

Changes, B4.2.1

"Coverage as of" note, 362

Microforms, 362 $a

Multiple, 362

"Print began with" note, 362

Reprints, 362 $a

Source, 362 $z

Words omitted from, 362

Classification numbers

Canadian government document, 086

Dewey Decimal, 082

Government documents, 086

LAC, 055

LC, 050, 051

LC-authenticated records (changes to), C3

LC (in series), 490 $l

LC minimal level, 050

NAL, 070

NLM, 060, 061

Policy, B1.3, B4.3.5

Superintendent of Documents, 086

Universal Decimal, 080

Used by CONSER participants, Appendix I

CODEN, 030

In Linking entry fields, Linking Entry Fields - General Information $y

Collection, Leader/07

Component part, Serial, Leader/07

Computer files

See Electronic resources

Conclusion of membership (in CONSER), A4.7

Conference publications

Added entry, 710, 711

Dates, Headings - General Information $d

Fixed field indicator, 008/29

Name headings, Headings - General Information, 110, 111

Place of conference, Headings - General Information $c

Series, 810, 811

Subject headings - General Information, 610, 611

CONSER Abstracting and Indexing Coverage Project

Authentication without piece, 012 $j

Citation notes, 510

Description, A6.2

History, A2

Identification of records, C1.5

CONSER acronym, A1.1

CONSER authorization logon for OCLC, A4.5.1

Editing authorization and LC-authenticated records, C3

CONSER Cataloging Manual, A2, A7.2.2

CONSER database

Definition, A3

Distribution, A3.5

Relation to OCLC database, A3.1

Responsibilities, B2

CONSER documentation

Distributed to new members, A4.5.2

Products, A7.2

CONSER Editing Guide

Corrections to, D3.4

Fields not included, Appendix A

Organization, D1

Sales information, A7.2.1

Updating of, Introduction

CONSER Enhance membership level

Definition and responsibilities, A4.2.3

List of members, A1

Meetings, A5

Membership process, A4.8

Statistics and membership requirements, C13.2.4

CONSER history, A2

CONSER home page, A5

CONSER ID elements

Changes to LC-authenticated records, C3

Full or core level records, C2.4.1

Minimal level records, C2.4.2

CONSER logon, A4.4.4, A4.5.1, C3

CONSER meetings, A5

CONSER members, by membership category, previously A1.3, now available from http://www.loc.gov/aba/pcc/conser/contact/conmembs.html

CONSER membership, A4

Application for, A4.3, A4.8.1

Application forms, Appendix D

History, A2

Requirements, A4.2, C13.2

CONSER Operations Committee, A5.2.4

CONSER policy statements, B

Use of phrase "CONSER policy", D3.3

"CONSER practice", D3.3

CONSER records

Authentication center codes, C1, C2, 042

Authority, B1.7

Changes in, B4.2

Closing off, B4.2.1

CONSER ID elements, C2.2, C2.4.1

Consolidation of, B3.3, C8.2

Creation of, A3.3

Definition, A3.1, A3.2

Further authentication, C2.4

Errors in, correcting, B4.1, C2.2.2

Level of, B1.5

Maintenance of, B1.9, B4

Task Force on, A2

Modification of, B3.3

Newly input, B3.1

Processing and distribution, A3.5, 012

Products (tapes), A7.1

Removing 510 fields from, C14, 510

Separation of records, C8.3

Source of cataloging, 008/39, 040

Universality, B1.8

See also CONSER database

CONSER retreat, A2

CONSER tapes, A7.1

Control number, 001

Distribution, A3.5

Sales information, A7.1

CONSERline (newsletter), A7.2.3

Consolidation of records, C8.2

Authenticated records, B3.3, C8.1.2, C8.2.4, C12.2.2

CON/SEP Report (form), C8

LAC, C8.1.2, C12.2, C12.4.2

Noting records reported for deletion, C8.2.4, C8.2.5, 936

Unauthenticated records, C8.2.3

Content designation

Definition, A9

Order of codes in CEG, D2.3

Policy, B1.4

Continuing resources

Definition, 008/06

Frequency code, 008/18-19 (Continuing resources)

In the CEG, A1

Integrating resources, B7

Issued in more than one form, 008/22 (Continuing resources)

Status of publication, 008/06

Type of, 008/21 (Continuing resources)

Control numbers

In linking entry fields, Linking Entry Fields - General Information $w

LC, see LC control numbers

Local system, 029, 035

LAC, see LAC control numbers

NLM, 035, 069

OCLC, 035

Core Elements Task Force, A2

Core level records

Cartographic materials, B6.4.7

Classification in (policy), B1.3, B6.2.2

Coding in records, Leader/17, B6.1.3, 040

Definition, B6.2

Electronic resources, B6.4.3

Encoding level, Leader/17, B6, 040

First time authentication, B6.3.3

History, B6.1

Library of Congress, Appendix L

Maintenance of, B6.3.1

Maps, B6.4.7

Microforms, B6.4.1

Music, B6.4.5

Name headings in (policy), B6.2.2

Newspaper, B6.4.2

Policy for creation of, B1.5

Record requirements, B6.2

Sound recordings, B6.4.4

Subject headings in (policy), B1.3, B6.2.2

Upgrading, B6.3.2

Visual materials, B6.4.6

Credits, CONSER

Cataloging, C13.1.2

Maintenance, C13.4

Telecommunications, C13.1.1

Cross references

In NARs, C4.1.3


Frequency/regularity codes, 008/18-19 (Continuing resources)

See also: