Maintenance of CONSER records

Credits, C13.4

Policy, B4

Major changes, B4.3

Map continuing resources, Appendix N

Cartographic mathematical data area, 255

Coded cartographic mathematical data, 034

Core record, B6.4.7

Geographic classification code, 052

Physical description fixed field, 007 (Maps)

Microforms, Appendix M

Adapting OCLC records, Appendix M, Section 2

Additional physical form available note, 530

Additional physical form linking entry field, 776

Core record, B6.4.1

Country code in fixed field, 008/15-17, Instruction 9, Appendix M

Dates in fixed field, 008/07-14, Appendix M

Dates of issues reproduced, 533 $m

Fixed-length data elements, 539, 533 $7

Frequency/regularity codes, 008/18-19 (Continuing resources), Appendix M

General material designation, 245 $h, Appendix M

LAC cataloging of, C12.3.2, 534, Appendix M

LC class/call number, 050

Linking entry field, 776

Linking to related records, Appendix M

Microproducer, 533 $c

Micropublisher, 533 $c

Multiple versions issue, A2

Original (micropublications), 008/22 (Continuing resources), Appendix M

Original version note, 534

Physical description fixed field, 007 (Microforms)

In existing records, Appendix M

Physical format, 008/22 (Continuing resources), 008/23 (Continuing resources)

Changes in, 008/22 (Continuing resources), 580

Preservation actions, 583

Preservation master negatives, 533, 776, Appendix M

Reproduction (microreproductions), 008/23 (Continuing resources), Appendix M

Series in reproduction note, 533 $f

Type of record, Leader/06

Minimal level records, C2.4.2

Authentication code, 042

Classification in (policy), B6.2.3

Definition, B6.2

Encoding level, Leader/17

Further authentication, C2.4.2

History, A2

LAC (identification of records), C1.3.1

LC (identification of records), C1.2.1, Appendix L

Name headings in (policy), B6.2.3

Policy for creation of, B1.5

Record requirements, B6.2

Subject headings in (policy), B6.2.3

Upgrading, B6.3.2

Minor changes, B4.3

Monographic series

See Series


and duplicate records, C7.2.5

and name authorities, C4.1.2

Cancelled LCCNs for, 010

Relationship to continuing resources, 580, Linking Entry Fields - General Information

Multiple versions issue, A2, Appendix M


Arranged statement, Headings - General Information $o

Core record, B6.4.5

Key, Headings - General Information $r

Medium of performance, Headings - General Information $m

See also Sound recording continuing resources

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